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Getting Your Houseplants in the Swing of Spring

It’s not just your basement that needs a spring clean: your houseplants do too!


Haul out your supplies and dust off some leaves, it’s time to get your houseplants shiny and thriving for spring! Follow these tips for spring houseplant care and watch your plants grow bigger, bolder, and more beautiful this season.


Spring Cleaning Houseplants

It’s not just your basement that needs a spring clean: your houseplants do too! Your plants may have collected some dust over the dry winter days, so start by giving all of the leaves a good wipe. Make sure to use a plant-friendly soap and lukewarm water. Wiping your plants can help them shine and can make colorful plants even more stunning. While giving your houseplants a good wash, take the opportunity to look them over for any pest infestations. Know the signs of common houseplant pests so you can treat any problems early on in the spring.


repotting houseplantsRepotting in Spring

Spring is also an ideal time to assess your plant’s current home. Check to see if your houseplants need to pot-up to a larger size or need a new start somewhere to let their roots grow. Here are some signs that your houseplant needs to be repotted:
  • Pot lacks proper drainage holes
  • Roots are coming out through the drainage hole
  • The pot is bulging
  • The plant is falling over
  • The soil quality is poor
  • You want a pot makeover!

While you don’t want to traumatize your plants, repotting them every spring is a way to keep your houseplants colorful and thriving this spring and beyond. Tip: Always make sure your pots are thoroughly cleaned before repotting. Unwashed pots may lead to the spread of pests and disease!


Fertilizing Houseplants

Fertilize your houseplants in spring to have an amazing payoff during the summer months. Check each plant’s individual fertilizing needs before starting; fertilizing should be done depending on its growth cycle. If you don’t already have one, spring is a good time to create a watering and fertilizing schedule for your vibrant houseplants. As a general rule of thumb, you can start fertilizing about eight weeks before the last expected spring frost.


houseplants in the windowsillAssess Light and Location

As the days become longer and your plants have more access to daylight, take note of what plants are getting enough light and what plants may need to be adjusted. Some houseplants, like crotons, actually grow less colorful when exposed to less light, so the right exposure is key! Use a light meter throughout the day to see what your plants are exposed to, make adjustments based on their individual needs. Ensure your plants aren’t being exposed to any drafts: hot or cold air can harm your beloved plant. It’s normal to move your houseplants around, depending on the season.


Prune and Curate

While we may associate pruning with massive trees, your houseplants may need a bit of pruning too. Cut off what obviously needs to go like dead, dying, or yellowing leaves. You may also want to prune off things for looks. We all deserve a spring haircut, plants included. Just be sure you aren’t cutting away anything vital to the plant’s life and wellbeing. You may also want to make some tough decisions about your houseplants. Sometimes, we buy a colorful, mesmerizing houseplant without realizing their specific needs and our ability to meet them. During your spring houseplant cleaning, you may find yourself with a few plants to give away to friends or to regretfully toss if they are beyond rescue.


man watering houseplantsGet Watering Right

Let’s be honest, we’ve all got at least one plant that we can never quite satisfy. In dryer climates, it can be hard to find a sweet spot with tropical houseplants. Some plants seem to prefer bottom-watering while others don’t. Deep, proper watering and perfect humidity can save even the pickiest of pretty plants. Just experiment, keep track of what works best, and don’t be too hard on yourself in the process!


Houseplant Dreaming

Spring is the perfect time to dream big. What’s on your houseplant bucket list? Maybe you’re looking to add more colorful houseplants to your collection this spring. Spring is all about lush greens and bright blooms after long periods of dreary white. So, go to town! Treat yourself to something with a burst of color! You may want to make aesthetic changes to your plant pots or general decor.

Check out the latest trends, or start your own! If you are looking for more colorful houseplants to add to your collection in Bettendorf, come visit us! We’ll help you find the perfect plants to add to your spring collection and share all our houseplant care tips!


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