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Black Friday Gifts for Gardening Friends

A gardener expanding their supply can be an obsession. This Black Friday, we can help you make their obsession even better!

Black Friday is approaching—and we have a few gift ideas for your gardening friends. A true gardener has a wide range of needs for all seasons; we may know of the place where all these needs can be met this Black Friday!

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Gifts for the Garden

While it’s best to leave the plants and shrubs to the gardeners themselves, a gardener’s supply can always use some new tools for their arsenault. We have plenty of decor and giftware options for outdoor uses that will stand up in the weather, as well as metalware and garden signs that will add pop to your friend’s garden. We also carry all the pots and gardening tools that your green thumb mate could need or want. If you need some more Black Friday ideas, come talk to us. We have green hands that can point you in the right direction. Some possibilities could include:
  • Hand shovels/trowels/rakes
  • Gardening gloves/bags
  • Bulb and seed accessories (diggers, labels, etc)
  • Gardening snips (a gardener’s supply staple)
  • Shovel/rake
  • Sheers/Hedge Trimmers
  • Outdoor pots/hanging pots
  • Garden decor that catches your eye!

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Houseplant Gifts

If your gardening friends are anything like us, they miss digging in the dirt in the winter months. We carry a wide range of indoor pots, indoor gardening supplies, and of course, indoor houseplants that will keep their hands dirty this winter. Fun pots and eye-catching plants can be the key to your friend’s green thumb happiness when it’s cold out. Another idea is to give them the pieces they will need to pot a nice houseplant! For example, give them:
  • A pot of your choice (or something that fits their personality or home aesthetic)
  • A plant that suits their lighting/maintenance needs (snake plant, fig leaf, aloe, ZZ, succulents, palm, monstera, jade, etc.)
  • A bag of indoor potting soil
  • Indoor plant fertilizer
  • Decorative rocks for the top to cover the soil

And voila! You have yourself the perfect gift for a true gardener.

Gifts to Relax the Gardener in Your Life

Perhaps you’re thinking, I think my friend just needs to relax and treat themselves. We’ve got you covered there too. Choose from a wide range of floral-scented gifts this Black Friday, such as candles, bath and body wash, lotions, and soaps.

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Gifts for the Birds

Many gardeners are also bird-lovers. Help to create a bird-loving oasis in the yard all season. Come visit our vast bird center this Black Friday, where you can find:
  • Bird feeders and birdhouses, both decorative and utilitarian
  • Birdseed and bird foods for various species
  • Shepherd’s hooks and bird feeder hangers
  • Birdbaths
Whether it’s supplies for their gardens, homes, bathrooms, or bird supply needs, we have your green thumb friends covered. Come to our shopping oasis and spend an afternoon browsing and talking to our friendly staff while looking after all your gardening supplies and Black Friday sale needs at Wallace's in Bettendorf. We are the one-stop shop you’re looking for to tick off all the gardening and home decor boxes while earning some serious points with your friends this Christmas. Visit us for any information or supplies needed but most importantly, have fun shopping, and don’t forget to treat yourself!
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