Your Garden Center Guide for First-Time Plant Purchases wallacegardencenter

Your Garden Center Guide for First-Time Plant Purchases

Here’s how and when you can easily find whatever you’re looking for at Wallace’s garden center!

Your first spring trip to the garden center to buy plants is always a thrilling experience, but it’s common to get a bit overwhelmed by the size, the layout, and all the incredible options to choose. Making the right purchases for your space is easier if you understand the way Wallace’s is organized and when certain items will arrive.

There Are So Many Different Plants to Buy at a Garden Center

Having a system of organization is essential for any garden store, or it would be impossible to find anything! There are all sorts of different categories and classification systems for plants, so they tend to be grouped in ways that make the most sense. Here are the general areas where you can find plants in our greenhouse and nursery.

The Nursery - Outdoor Plants

Outside in the nursery, you will find trees, shrubs, perennials, vines and groundcover. Trees and shrubs will begin to arrive in mid to late April, weather pending. Shipments are scheduled to arrive based on the nighttime low temperatures remaining above freezing. Nearly all of our perennials selection is grown right here at Wallace’s and will be put out for sale starting at the end of April. Perennials are hardy plants that grow back year after year. Roses and climbing roses are scheduled to arrive the first week of May, just in time for Mother’s day while ornamental grasses and water plants will be ready by mid-May.

wallaces garden center -fruiting trees Some fruits like blueberries and strawberries will be ready in late April while the new crops of fruit trees and raspberries will still be in production and ready for sale in June. Some fruit trees that were over-wintered in our greenhouses will be available in April. Vegetables and Herbs are located in a greenhouse that we call the Veggie house. It can be reached from the main greenhouse or by walking through the nursery. Cold crops like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower while tomatoes and peppers are best purchased in late April or early May for planting after our frost free date of April 15th. Seeds and Bulbs are available now and located at the front of the store near the cash register. You will find flower and vegetable seeds as well as onion sets, seed potatoes, asparagus roots and bulbs for dahlias, cannas and elephant ears. Don’t forget to check out our wildflower seed mixes from Earth Science.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants—AKA houseplants—are a pretty diverse group, so there are many different sections and groupings. You will see different plant types grouped together in our atrium greenhouse. These groupings will include, orchids, violets, bonsai, air plants, cacti and succulents as well as terrariums, carnivorous and traditional foliage plants. Look up for hanging plants like ferns, tiger ferns, bridal veil, asparagus fern, spider plants and more.

wallaces potting bench in greenhouse

Don’t forget to stop by the potting bench to visit with our houseplant experts- Shannon, Tim, Craig and Karen or to get a new plant potted. We offer free planting when you purchase a houseplant and a pot.

Garden Supplies

The main store will host all of your other garden related products like soils, plant solutions and tools. Soils and Soil Amendments are located outside in the covered area of the parking lot as well as on the shelving right by our checkout. Feel free to grab it off the shelf or order at the check out and our team will load it in your car as you leave. Don’t forget mulch, compost and rock are also available to order at the checkout and load outside. Tools Wallace’s tool collection is carefully curated to give you a good selection of useful tools including our favorites like the Root Slayer shovel and WeedSlice for getting down in the dirt. You will find our ‘Tool Wall’ in the center of the store along with hose and water accessories and plant remedies and solutions like fertilizers, and weed and insect controls.

Containers of all sizes can be found together in the atrium section of our store. Some are meant for indoor use, others for outdoors, and some can do both, so be sure to read the product description before you purchase. You will find containers made from ceramic, terra cotta clay and plastic. We keep our selection very wide to fit everyone’s taste, style and budget. While you’re there, be sure to check out our home decor and gift department as well as silk florals, kids toys and games and our extensive patio furniture collections.

Looking for a garden center in Iowa to make your first big plant buy? Visit Wallace’s to see everything that’s new for 2022! Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you navigate the garden center if you’re unsure of where to start.

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