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Top Houseplant Decor Trends for 2021

Maximalism, colorful vintage, global style, and cottagecore galore! Here are some popular decor themes for 2021.

After the past year, 2021 will still be a time where we see the value of cultivating the best homes possible for our comfort and entertainment. If you’re hoping to stay on-trend in 2021, there are ways to bring the great outdoors in with houseplants and home decor to express yourself. Here are our picks for the top houseplant trends for 2021.


After spending so much time in our homes in 2020, some of us may be seriously rethinking the ‘magical art of tidying up’ trend. Let’s put the Marie Kondo minimalism mindset at the very back of a cramped closet and let our home decor be a little loud and a little cluttered. Surrounding ourselves with the things we love is more important than ever, and a minimalist style will restrict your ability to do just that. Let go of restraint and go for maximalism! Here’s how to make maximalism houseplant trends work for you:

lots of houseplants in room


Forget perfectly placed plant stands and spaced out species. Maximalism means more. Get creative with ledges, nooks, and crannies that have space for your plants. Of course, make sure that your houseplants are getting their needs met with proper light and other care. Experiment with different sized plants. Large plants can be great focal points in a room styled to the max. A bird of paradise can eventually reach up to graze your ceiling. You could also try fruit trees, palms, or ferns. Another option is to cluster together small plants or cover many surfaces with greenery.

Mix and Match Pots

A maximalist style has no issues with mixing tons of colors, textures, and sizes. Apply this style note to your pot collection. Grouping plants in different styled pots creates visual interest in a space. Whether you decide on neon hues, textured terracotta, or hand-painted creations, get creative, and don’t be afraid to try something new for each pot.

Colorful Vintage

Another home decor trend for 2021 is to find bold and colorful vintage pieces. While past trends have focused more on earth-toned vintage, 2021 is the year where we bring more color into our lives and homes.

painting a houseplant pot

Something Old, Some New Hue

One of the best ways to incorporate colorful vintage into your houseplant decor is to give old pieces a fresh, bright coat of paint. Bold primary colors or saturated neons on old pieces can give them a new lease on life. Paint old plant stands, furniture pieces, or pots and give your plants a new, beautiful place to live.

Grow Over the Rainbow

Hunting for vintage pieces is so much fun. One common item in thrift stores often overlooked is glassware –– often in unique tints of color. Collecting a rainbow’s worth of glassware is relatively cheap and simple and a beautiful way to incorporate color into your home. Use the glassware as a unique propagation station or a vase to hold dried flowers and grasses.

Globally Inspired

After a year of many travel restrictions, many of us are pining to see the world. Since that may not be possible right now, bring the world into your home. That’s why globally inspired style is another trend for 2021.

fern plant beside books and mannequin figurine indoors

Showcasing Souvenirs

Instead of old travel souvenirs collecting dust in a box in the basement, showcase them along with your houseplants. If you don’t own any, thrift items from someone ELSE’s travels. Whether you use worldly rugs, blankets, maps, or knick-knacks, these decor pieces can act as a backdrop or accompaniment to your beautiful plants.

The Wild World of Plants

The world is so rich in biodiversity –– why not make your home the same? Nurseries and garden centers are bringing in more and more plants from every vacation destination you can dream up, like bamboo plants from Asia and tropical plants from South America.


If you’re unfamiliar with cottagecore, imagine the witch’s hut in Hansel and Gretel, but not evil. Cottagecore goes hardcore into the world of wholesome with plenty of plants, baking, and cozy vibes.

indoor jungle of houseplants

Lush and Overgrown

Forget the art of aesthetic pruning. Let your plants grow! Invite your buds to trail along furniture and up the walls. This top houseplant trend of 2021 is all about letting nature take over. Give your plants mossy stakes to climb. Fill each spot with lush greens, try to envision bringing your garden inside. Pair your plants with a Hygge-like vibe with cozy blankets, vintage pottery, and anything that makes you feel nurtured.

Grow Your Groceries Indoors

Another tenet of cottagecore decor is growing and making as much of your own food as possible. Plant edible plants in rustic pots. Cover your counters in pots of fresh herbs. It’s the tastiest trend to get on board with!

Whatever trend you choose, we hope that you really go for it this year. Your home is a wonderful way to express your style and creativity. If you’re looking for more houseplant trend ideas for 2021 in Bettendorf, come visit us!

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