5 Interior Design Concepts for Creating the Perfect Patio wallacegardencenter

5 Interior Design Concepts for Creating the Perfect Patio

Instantly turn your patio into a functional, stylish living space with these five tips!

Creating a patio space that’s stylish and functional will make your summers all the more enjoyable. Your yard is an extension of your home, and with some strategic design choices, you can enjoy all the elements of a comfortable, livable space, with all the beauty and serenity of nature. Here’s how you can take your patio from basic to breathtaking.


How Can I Make My Patio More Interesting?

If you want your patio to feel just as homey as your indoor living spaces, all you need to do is apply interior design concepts to your outdoor space. Many of these basic concepts are transferable to outdoor spaces, with a few modifications to suit the environment. A dining room with nothing but a table and chairs will feel incomplete, and your patio is no different. These five design concepts will help you create a magnificent patio that reflects your personal style and feels welcoming to family and guests.


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Gather ‘Round the Hearth

It’s part of human nature to convene around a warm fire, and a living room with a fireplace and plenty of comfy chairs becomes an ideal space for making memories and spending quality time together. Outdoor fireplaces will create the same effect, becoming the central point of your patio layout. If a full fireplace isn’t in the cards, there are several options for outdoor living that will create the same effect, like bonfire pits, pizza ovens, and chimeneas. Arrange your seating in a circular shape around the front of the hearth for a more whimsical feel, or opt for a right-angled sectional for a more streamlined, structured look.


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Create Structure with Alternative Walls and Ceilings

Creating divisions and sectioning off different areas of the yard and patio can make your space more beautiful and ergonomic. Reading nooks and dining areas can feel more intimate and cozy with an enclosure instead of a vast open space, which doesn’t feel as inviting and homey. Instead of the typical ceilings and walls that you’d see in a home, you can opt for outdoor alternatives that have the same effect. Pergolas are a lovely way to create the illusion of a ceiling without completely blocking the view of the sky above. Plus, you can weave pretty twinkle lights or vining plants through the beams for aesthetic appeal. If the terrain slopes in your yard, constructing a stone retaining wall can provide structural support while also creating the illusion of an outdoor room. A simpler alternative is lattice dividers—they help break your yard up into sections without completely obstructing the view. And again, you can weave some pretty twinkle lights or vining plants throughout the structure.


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Style and Theme

Deciding on a theme or aesthetic style will help make it easier for you to pick out the right furnishings for your patio. Common interior decor themes like boho eclectic, mid-century modern, minimalism, or retro nostalgia can be easily applied to outdoor spaces. It helps to create a mood board during the planning process so you can visualize the colors, shapes, patterns, and layout of your ideal patio. Search through hashtags of your chosen aesthetic and save all the images that speak to you!


Ambient Light

Ambience is everything, and good lighting can totally set the tone for your outdoor space. Consider your theme and then choose accordingly. So, if you’re going for something more dreamy and whimsical, then string lights will work perfectly. If you lean more towards cubism and modern brutalist styles, look for stake lights with sharp edges and neutral colors.


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Trending? Textiles

Well-chosen textiles are the ribbon that ties your patio design together. Skip the novelty patio textiles and plastic tablecloths covered in sunshine and popsicles, and opt for something more trendy and sophisticated. Outdoor carpets are a fantastic way to make a seating area feel more like a room, and lots of comfy cushions will help bring the necessary cozy vibes. Pay attention to the size of the pattern of your chosen textiles in relation to the size of your space. Small spaces work best with smaller, intricate textiles but can become overwhelmed by large prints. Large spaces can accommodate larger prints, but small prints will get lost and feel underwhelming.

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