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Wrap Your Home In Cozy This Winter

Throw down a blanket and string up some lights! It’s time to start decorating for the holiday season.

It’s time to haul out the tree and string up some lights! The holidays are approaching, and we love decorating and getting cozy for the season. Whether you opt to DIY or buy, try these holiday home decor inspirations this winter.

Cozy Home Decor for the Holiday

If you’re asking how do I make my house cozy for the holidays?, we can help! When it comes to creating a home that’s cozy for winter, don’t hold back on the comfy decor. We believe there can never be too many blankets and pillows. Mix and match blanket textures and knits. Look for holiday favorites like faux fur, cozy quilts, and chunky knits. Drape your favorites along the backs of chairs and couches, and display others in baskets or on a blanket ladder. You can also use pillows to show off your holiday decor inspiration. Add pillows in plush neutrals or fun holiday prints like plaid, red and green, or with seasonal animals.

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Lighting up Your Holiday Home Decor

Lighting is everything when it comes to home decor this winter. Soft, warm lighting helps you feel extra snug and cozy. You can create this ambiance with a fireplace or candles (real or flameless.) Lanterns also add to the cozy vibes. For an extra bit of holiday home whimsy, incorporate tons of different twinkling lights into your decor. Fairy lights or indoor Christmas lights can really set the mood for the season. If you’re looking for something a little bit wild, you can also choose brightly colored holiday lights or even trendy neon lights in holiday shapes.

Setting the Holiday Table

The dining table is a hub of activity during the winter holiday season, so don’t neglect it when it comes to decor. Your table is a place to showcase centerpieces, fresh or dried florals, delicious holiday treats, and unique table settings. Centerpieces create a showcase piece to gather around during your special meals. You can create centerpieces that are low and spread elegantly across the length or width of the table or go for height with tall vases, foliage, and beyond. Table settings are an opportunity to let your skills as a host shine. Personalized name tags, beautifully folded napkins, and layering elegant dinnerware goes a long way toward creating a magical holiday experience. Displaying holiday treats like candy canes, cookies, wrapped treats, winter vegetables, and more are a way to create a festive feast for the eyes and mouth.

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Flowers and Foliage

You can find plenty of inspiration for your holiday home decor at our Bettendorf garden center or even in your own backyard. Traditional holiday flowers and foliage like evergreen boughs, holly, and poinsettias are always easy to find and incorporate into your cozy home decor. New holiday trends in 2021 are emerging—like clusters of dried or fresh eucalyptus, birch sticks and logs, and pampas grass. Use these unexpected options to fill in the gaps in your holiday home decor.

Furniture Inspiration

While you don’t need to go out and buy a new couch for the holidays (but we do have these at Wallace’s, too!), there are a few pieces of holiday home furnishings that can make a big impact and boost your comfort. A velvet or jute ottoman can add comfort and style to your holiday home decor. Who doesn’t love a place to put up their feet? It’s a small purchase that can help your living space feel more intimate and levels up the style. New vases for your fresh or dried florals can tie the room together. Try silver, gold, or a DIY version of this piece of home decor. You can create a DIY vase made out of a hollowed log or update an old vase with a fresh coat of paint. -christmas art noel wallaces garden center New holiday art is easy to swap out as the season changes. Personalized holiday art with your family name, favorite quote, or winter animal is a great way to incorporate your unique taste. You can also DIY some holiday art pieces by framing or recreating your favorite wallpaper or try your hand at tracing silhouettes of some classic holiday shapes like stars, bells, and snowflakes. Turn a bar cart into a stylish and elegant cocktail or hot chocolate station. A bar cart is portable, and you can swap out whatever treats you keep in it depending on the holiday or who you are hosting.

We’d love to hear your inspiration for your holiday home decor! If you’re wondering where to buy winter home decor in Bettendorf, come by and visit us this holiday season.

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