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Indoor Fall Decor Trends 2021

Your home decor loves sweater weather, too! Get your home cozy with these fall decor trends.

As the weather cools down, it’s time to cozy up! Celebrate the changing seasons by trying a home decor trend that lights your fire and warms your hearth. Here are our top picks for home decor trends in 2021 that we think you should try! Coffee Shop Chic: Whether you’re still working from home or you’re missing the lines at your local Starbucks, you may want to give your home a coffee shop makeover. Nothing screams fall more than hot beverages on a cool day. Turn up the coffee shop tunes and use these tips to become your own barista.


wallace's garden center-Fall Decor-coffee-station Create a Coffee or Hot Chocolate Bar: Crank up the cozy and get caffeinated in the process. Find some cute autumnal mugs and display them along with your favorite hot drink fixins’. Creating a coffee nook is a great way to make use of a small space and a great fall photo op in your home.

Add More Houseplants: All the best coffee shops have greenery popping out from every corner. We think you can never have too many houseplants: they are always the perfect home decor trend. Pick houseplants based on the light and space you have in your home. Find some rustic stone or earth-toned pots to really add some autumn spice to your decor. Terra cotta is really trending right now and it’s the perfect autumn orange hue!

Dark & Cozy: This fall, a dark but cozy vibe is in the air. Halloween style doesn’t just need to be for one day a year! There are ways to get this slightly spooky, but oh-so-squishy trend in your home decor this fall by adding heavier curtains, plush velvet throws, candelabras, and jewel-toned pillows.


wallace's garden center-Fall Decor-dried-fall-florals Dried Florals: Adding dried flowers and grasses to your home decor is a big trend this year. It’s a great opportunity to use what’s left in your garden, or you can shop around for dried flowers and grasses like pampas grass. Put them in a bold, dark, or crystal vase for a big impact.

Get Lush With Velvet: Velvet furniture and accents are all the rage this fall. This home decor trend can incorporate style, texture, and color in just one element. Velvet cushions, curtains, rugs, or furniture add a mysterious and romantic vibe to any room.

Dark Accents: If you’re not quite ready to paint a wall black or buy a new maroon chaise lounge, you can incorporate the dark and cozy aesthetic with small dark accents. Swap out your light-colored picture frames with a darker set, try a bold black lamp with brushed gold, or swap out the accent pillows for something a bit more moody.


wallace's garden center indoor-autumn-decor DIY Fall Decor: Bring the outdoors in by creating your own home decor with a DIY craft trend. Go on the hunt for sticks, leaves, acorns, and pinecones. These crafty ingredients can be used in bouquets, centerpieces, or anywhere else you need a bit of rustic fall charm in your home.

Maximalism: While you’re probably no stranger to the concept of minimalism, you may have noticed the hype around the decor trend has dwindled a bit. Minimalism was cast aside during the pandemic as we were stuck inside. We wanted to be surrounded by things we love and by novelty. The maximalist design trend is here to stay—so let’s maximize the fall aesthetic in your home. Don’t be shy; here are some ways to recreate the trend.

Display Your Curiosities: You know those precious memories, photos, knick-knacks, and novelties you’ve accumulated in your life? Get them out of boxes and onto display shelves and up on walls. Get creative with the layout of your belongings and create a gallery wall of your favorite art and photos. If you’re wondering if it’s “too much,” with maximalism, the answer is “nope!”


wallace's garden center kitchen-autumn-decor Mix and Match: One of the beauties of maximalism is that you aren’t forced to choose one specific design style. Incorporating maximalism into your home decor this fall means you can take inspiration from your favorite trends. Maximalism is all about personality, so let yours shine through!

Rustic Cabin Decor: Stick with the classics with the rustic cabin look. Every fall, we instinctively want to cozy up by a fire with as many blankets as possible. If you can’t get to the cabin in the woods, bring it into your home by including the essentials of cottage decor.

Animal-Style: Bring the wilderness into your home decor by going with the wild animal style trend. Moose, deer, wolves, and squirrels are style icons in the fall. Find photo prints, art, cushions, and throw blankets that capture the wild autumn forest vibe you’re looking for.

Here at Wallace’s Garden Center, we have two interior designers on staff, so we’re always ready to talk style and comfort for your home. We’d love to help you choose your fall decor for the season. If you want to talk more about trendy fall decor in Bettendorf, we’d love to hear from you!

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