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Amplify Your Outdoor Space With These Entertaining Accessories

Outdoor entertaining is about to be the biggest trend of the summer! Now that the weather is beautiful and outdoor dinner parties are starting back up again, it’s the perfect time to shake up your backyard living space with some fun new flair. Here are four ways you can make your outdoor living space so welcoming, you’ll be kicking your guests out at the end of the night!

having fun with fabrics

Have Fun with Fabrics

Creating an inviting outdoor living space has a lot to do with the textiles you choose. Think of all the most enviable patio setups you’ve seen on Pinterest and Instagram; they all show off a great rug, plush cushions, and a great big umbrella, all with a perfectly coordinated color palette. Your outdoor fabrics don’t have to look like they came as a matching set—as long as there’s a consistent color theme throughout, your living space will look perfectly put-together.

cozy outdoor living

Get Comfy!

Your patio dining set may be the workhorse of your outdoor living space, but incorporating a few cushy occasional chairs into the layout can completely transform the vibe. Pick an empty corner of your patio and fill it with two inward-facing chairs, a small bistro table, and a large potted plant to create a cute spot for intimate conversations. Or, if you have space, add a conversation set on one side of the patio with your dining set on the other. Define the two “rooms” with visual cues like rugs and decorative modular panels.

add warmth to your space

Set the Scene

Earth, Wind, and Fire may or may not be your favorite band, but these three elements make an undeniably great recipe for a relaxing outdoor living space. Start with lots of greenery, whether it’s in the form of an impressive array of pots and hanging baskets or a glorious perennial border. Next, add personality with outdoor decor like wind chimes or spinners, quirky statuary, and solar lighting. Finally, fill the living space with warmth (literally!) with a fire feature like an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Nothing ends of an evening better than huddling around the glowing embers, marshmallows optional!

fountain features

Just Add Water

Finally, the crowning jewel of a near-perfect outdoor living space: a water feature! Don’t be intimidated by the idea of integrating moving water into your patio; fountains come in all shapes, sizes, and price points, and most of them are simple to set up and a breeze to maintain. Fountains aren’t just for looks, either—the sound of running water has a proven calming effect, and it also creates a screen of white noise to dull sounds from the street and neighboring homes. Ah, sweet serenity! Of course, our most important tip for amplifying your outdoor living space is to make it your own. Our garden center showroom is brimming with eclectic items for your deck or patio, so don’t hesitate to stop by and let inspiration strike you!

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