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Exciting Gardening Trends in 2021!

Ready, set, grow! Here are gardening trends to look forward to in 2021.

There’s no denying that 2020 has changed the way we garden a LOT. As the year comes to a close, it’s a great time to look ahead and start planning a season full of greenery, blooms, gardening, and new trends. Here are some gardening trends to look forward to in 2021!


Tiny Gardens

Not everyone has access to acres of farmland; some of us only have a very small space. Get the most bang for your buck with tiny gardens! Make the most of your garden plot by planting companion species that get along well and thrive without competing for nutrients. You may be able to fit more into a small space by installing raised garden beds or filling the area with pots and containers.


woman sipping tea on balcony with plantsBalcony and Windowsill Gardening

When even a tiny garden isn’t tiny enough—for example, you’re limited to a balcony or a few bright windows—windowsill and kitchen gardening is the answer! These options became wildly popular in 2020 when many apartment-dwellers were unable to access the great outdoors. Treat yourself to tasty veggies and herbs or beautiful florals. Measure light readings for your windowsill and balcony and select plants that will thrive in those conditions. Make sure you take steps to protect them from the elements!


Yellow and Grey Color Schemes

Like the rays of sunshine after a storm, Pantone’s colors of the year are a brilliant yellow called Illuminating and a neutral shade called Ultimate Gray. If you’re a fan of these colors, you can incorporate them throughout your garden by planting beautiful yellow daffodils, tulips, sunflowers, or yellow roses. You could also include Ultimate Gray using containers, pots, or garden furniture.


This year, let’s keep the trend of making our backyards the oasis we need them to be!


edible garden with swiss chard and marigoldsEdible Everything

Grow your own groceries! Whether you opt for container gardening or fill your yard with beans, cabbage, carrots, and more, planting food for every season can be such a treat. It can save you money and trips to the supermarket. Edible gardens will continue to be a trend and entire movement for 2021. Do your research to find out what will thrive in your climate with the space you have available. Fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs can make things extra exciting and creative in the kitchen. Happy planting!


Outdoor Living

When you’re stuck inside, your yard becomes your one-and-only vacation destination. This year, let’s keep the trend of making our backyards the oasis we need them to be! Whether it’s adding outdoor furniture, an enclosure, or a new shed—dream big and give your outdoor space a makeover that you can enjoy as soon as you step outside your door. Try using the Pantone colors of the year, or go for a monochromatic color theme of your choosing.


xeriscape overgrown gardenWild Gardens

2020 taught us that it’s okay if we let things get a little...unkempt. We went months without haircuts and let things grow as nature intended. In 2021, you can apply that to your garden, too! Native plants are great for the environment and are going to thrive where they grow without much effort on your part. Wild gardens will often attract pollinators like bees or local birds. If you want to learn more, find a list of native plants in Iowa so you can identify and help encourage wild growth. A wild garden contributes to a thriving ecosystem that you can enjoy from your window.


Getting the Kids Involved

It’s likely that the past year required getting creative with kids to keep them entertained. If you haven’t already, getting kids involved in the gardening process is a great way to keep them busy and help them build an appreciation for nature. Guide your kids through the seeding process, potting, and weeding tasks. Don’t forget that you’ll need official taste-testers for all your fresh garden produce, too!


woman with fern in front of face plants in backgroundSafe and Convenient Garden Shopping

One thing we know will be a part of 2021 is continued efforts to keep shoppers safe and make picking up gardening supplies as convenient as possible. At Wallace's Garden Center, we strive to support all of your safe gardening needs. If you want to learn more about garden trends in Bettendorf, please visit us. We’d love to help!
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