Holiday Window Boxes: Creating Christmas Magic as Far as the Eye Can See

Whether you want to create a cozy, traditional aesthetic or a sophisticated, elegant design that dazzles, we have ideas for you!


Your window boxes don’t have to collect snow over the winter—put them to use with gorgeous holiday designs that will impress your guests and keep your winter days bright. Whether you want to create a cozy, traditional aesthetic or a sophisticated, elegant design that dazzles, we have ideas for you!


Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-Holiday Window Boxes-winter evergreens window boxHow To Create Festive Window Boxes 

Window boxes are a wonderful addition to your home because you can enjoy them indoors and out! When building your window boxes, remember to add your items so that you can appreciate the design from both sides. 


To start, prepare your fresh-cut greenery by soaking it in water and spraying the pieces with an anti-desiccant, so they stay hydrated longer. Next, add your fresh-cut greenery to your planter as a foundation, starting with the outside edges and building toward the middle. 


Next, you can start to add your decorative plant cuttings, such as sprays, dried twigs, eucalyptus, etc., to your box. Try to anchor as much into the soil as possible. Finally, add your extra decorations, such as ornaments and pinecones, by tying them loosely to the greenery. Once you’re happy with your design, water and freeze the soil to hold everything securely in place! 


Cranberry Harvest

This berry-themed holiday window box combines all the traditional classics into one: pine branches, red stems, and berries! It’s bright and cheery with a natural aesthetic that will brighten your windows long after the holidays have passed. Start with your choice of assorted greenery, then add berry sprigs, colorful sprays, and dried flower heads. 


Use this aesthetic around your home by hanging a berry wreath on your front door or creating porch pots with an abundance of greenery and red ornaments or berry branches. If your window boxes are low enough for kids or pets to get into, make sure you use safe holiday plants.


Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-Holiday Window Boxes-gnome theme window boxNordic Gnomes

If you love using traditional colors in your holiday decor, Nordic gnomes are a perfect addition to your window boxes. Their little beards add a soft, fluffy texture to your planters, plus they’re absolutely adorable, especially if you have little ones that love Christmas! Start with a foundation of your favorite greenery, then add gnomes, felt, fake snow, and poinsettias for a cozy and bright window box that your family will adore.


If you want, you can also build your very own DIY holiday gnomes out of evergreen cuttings to complement your window boxes! They’re a great way to bring your decorations into the yard for a cohesive aesthetic throughout your property.


Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-Holiday Window Boxes-winter evergreens window boxSilver Bells

Embrace the sparkly silver and white snow with a gorgeous frosted window box! It’s light, subtle, and elegant while at the same time adding something special to your home. You can either frost your greenery yourself with eco-friendly paint for a more natural look, or use artificial white and sparkly sprays for a magical design. Add small gold ornaments or white poinsettias to create something unique, or wrap your window box up like a gift with ribbons and bows. 


Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-Holiday Window Boxes-winter evergreens window boxBurgundy Bliss

If elegance is the aim for your holiday decor, this window box is top-tier. You can include a large variety of evergreens, including unique options like boxwood and eucalyptus, plus sprays of burgundy and pomegranates. It’s the perfect choice for the ultimate dinner host who loves an elevated Christmas display. Long, draping boughs are the key to this design, as they add flowing lines and heavy decadence. Trust us, your dinner guests will want to linger in the cold a little longer to see these on their way inside! 


Visit our team at Wallace’s Garden Center in Bettendorf, Iowa for more window box and holiday decor inspiration! We’re happy to help you find the perfect elements for your holiday decorations and provide advice on how to keep them lasting all season.  


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