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How to Give Your Patio a Makeover With Furniture and Plants!

Create a welcoming backyard oasis on your patio with these makeover ideas.

Is your patio in need of some TLC? If your patio is tired and uninspiring or empty and wide open, you can create a cozy and inspiring space with just a little effort. It doesn't take much to fully transform a space. Whether you want to add privacy or shade, an outdoor dining room, or lounging space, here are a few patio makeover ideas to help you fall in love with your outdoor space in Bettendorf.

Start By Cleaning Up

The first step is to clean up your outdoor space and evaluate what you're working with. If you have a cement patio slab, remove everything from your patio and use the sprayer on your hose or a pressure washer to get it looking clean and new again. Then take stock of your space and what you already own for patio furniture. It's also helpful to measure the area so you know how much room you have to work with and whether you can expand your space. If your patio build is still in the “planning” stage, take a step back and visualize the size and shape you want. You can mark it out with stakes and string, or even a garden hose to see the possible shape and layout of your patio space.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is essential, and in order to choose it, you'll need to decide what you want to do on your patio. If you're going to read or take naps in the sun, you might want sun loungers. If you want to serve meals outside, you may want to start with a dining set. If you wish to reminisce with friends and make s'mores, you may want to choose comfy couches and a fire pit or fire table. We carry 5 different brands of high quality, durable, and affordable patio furniture at Wallace's. There are many options available in different styles, colors, and fabrics. Whatever you choose, we can deliver it to your place, and we can even take your old patio furniture away!

Outdoor Rugs

Patio rugs can really tie together your patio furniture and design elements. They also make it more comfortable to walk on your patio in bare feet. A beautiful rug can cover up a boring concrete slab, hide imperfections or cracks if you aren't able to fix them, and pull all of your design elements together for a cohesive look.

Stones & Boulders

If you don't have a concrete patio, or want to replace it, consider using large paving stones. Paving stones look beautiful, and they age well, compared to concrete, which eventually cracks and fades over time. Large boulders can also make an attractive focal point, offer places to sit, or create a retaining or border wall for separation.

Add Plants

Whether your patio needs some privacy, or you just want it to look beautiful, plants will do the trick. For privacy, incorporate some long narrow planters into your design, with a lattice or trellis. You can grow all sorts of climbing plants, including some climbing veggies like peas and beans, or flowers like sweet peas, for privacy, and added beauty. Or you could grow tall ornamental grasses or bamboo to create a privacy screen and some shade.

If you've got some large tropical houseplants, consider bringing them outside for the summer to add to the ambiance of your patio space. Just make sure to gently transition them to living outside, starting with an hour or less on the first day. It's a totally different growing environment, so it's too much of a shock to move them straight out. Don't forget about flowering plants. Plants like hibiscus, lantana, salvia, dahlias, and petunias will attract pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds close to the house, where you can enjoy them from inside, or even while you hang out on your patio.

Add Lighting

There's nothing better than enjoying the evening in your outdoor space, and adding some warm lighting is the finishing touch for a cozy patio. There are so many different styles available, whether you prefer large old-fashioned Edison bulb string lights, tiny twinkle lights, or strategically placed accent lights. Whether it be solar or wired in, lighting will make your patio a cozy, comfortable, and welcoming place where you'll want to spend hours.

It doesn't take much to totally transform a bare patio into a cozy oasis in your own backyard. Give your patio a makeover this summer, and enjoy it for many years to come. Stop by our patio furniture showroom at the garden center for ideas, inspiration, quality and service.

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