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8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Plant-Obsessed Moms

A foolproof strategy for buying the best Mother’s Day gifts: do your shopping at the garden center!

Mother’s Day conveniently falls around the beginning of gardening season, so if you have a mom in your life who loves plants, there’s no shortage of options for Mother’s Day gifts! If you’re having trouble coming up with a good present idea, these eight fabulous finds from the garden center are sure to go over well on Mother’s Day.

Make Mother’s Day Memorable with These Perfect Gifts for Plant Lovers

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, grandma, aunties, mother-in-law, wife, or just a motherly figure who deserves some love, these gifts will make Mother’s Day extra special!

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Hanging Baskets

Flowers are a classic go-to present for Mother’s Day, but instead of gifting a bouquet that only lasts for a few weeks, pick some pretty hanging baskets to last until autumn. We have so many beautiful new annual flowers with trailing vines that look fabulous in hanging planters.

Some of our favorite hanging basket plants include:

  • Coleus
  • Petunias
  • Superbells
  • Geraniums

You can also choose your own plant combos and create a custom hanging basket in Mom’s favorite colors!

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These stunningly beautiful houseplants have such elegant, exotic blooms—any Mom would be thrilled to receive one for Mother’s Day! Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t that difficult to grow. Phalaenopsis (Moth) Orchids are ideal for beginners, and they come in all sorts of pretty colors.

Design a Terrarium

Grab a glass terrarium bowl and fill it with layers of sand, peat moss, pretty pebbles, and an assortment of tiny succulents or Tillandsia. This creative DIY Mother’s Day gift has the extra sentimentality of a handmade present. Write some care instructions inside the card so that she knows how to keep it growing—our staff can provide you with all the information you need.

Wallace's Garden Center-Mothers Day Feature-mixed planters
Mixed Planter Arrangements

We have loads of colorful mixed flower and foliage arrangements in decorative pots and ornate urns. If Mom loves subtle, monochromatic color palettes, opt for one of our all-white flower containers—they’re so effortlessly elegant and dreamy! If she loves high-impact color, there’s no shortage of options for mixed containers. From purple ornamental grasses, rainbow coleus, lemon-lime Creeping Jenny vines, and beautiful blooms in every color of the rainbow, there are so many spectacular arrangements that won’t just brighten Mom’s day—they’ll brighten her whole summer!

Wind Chimes

If mom loves spending time out in the garden or entertaining on the patio, windchimes will add such a lovely ambiance to her outdoor space. There’s something so tranquil about the sound of tinkling chimes on a sunny, breezy afternoon outside. Mom will love one for Mother’s Day!

Tillandsia and Hangers

Tillandsia are such peculiar yet beautiful plants. Their stiff, twisting, stringy leaves have unique shapes, and with no root system, they don’t require a pot full of soil. To water your air plants, simply soak them in water for a few hours every week or two. We have plenty of pretty hangers to display your Tillandsia, like shiny metal coils or jellyfish hangers. See if you can find one that’s in bloom—the pink and purple flowers are so sweet for Mother’s Day!

Wallace's Garden Center-Mothers Day Feature-mixed planters

For the mother-in-law with a good sense of humor, get her a Sansevieria—also known as the “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue!” This attractive, low-maintenance houseplant can thrive off low light levels and infrequent watering, so the care requirements are a breeze. As a bonus, Sansevieria are incredibly powerful air purifiers.

Gift Cards

For the mom that’s hard to buy for, you can never go wrong with a gift card for Mother’s Day! Visit Wallace’s Garden Center, and we can issue a card in any denomination you’d like. We recommend picking out a small plant to go along with it to add little extra thoughtfulness.

Last-minute Mother’s Day gift shopping is easy when you visit our garden center. Visit us soon to explore even more present ideas and plants for sale. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Wallace’s Garden Center—enjoy the weekend and make some nice memories with the ones you love!

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