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Keep an Eye on These 6 New Plants for 2022

Try something exciting and never-before-seen with these brand new varieties, just released this year.

Discovering new plants is one of the most exciting parts of planning your garden! Once the gardening season kicks off, we love exploring all the fascinating new hybrids and colorful varieties that are hot on the scene. Want to try something unique in your garden this year? Here are six plants to watch out for in 2022!

Hot on the Summer Scene: Gorgeous New Annual Plants for 2022

Annual plants may only stick around for one growing season, but they provide us with such incredible color and vigorous growth, so they’re definitely worth including in your garden! Plus, they allow us to experiment with styles and color palettes, so you don’t have to commit to anything long-term. Here are six showstopping new annuals that are making waves this year.

Nemesia “Escential” Series

An absolute stunner for hanging baskets, Nemesia has very similar blooms to the much-loved Summer Snapdragon. However, instead of growing along tall stalks, they grow in a lush, voluminous mound, perfect for containers! We’ve got three berry-toned beauties from the new “Escential” series: Blueberry Custard, Strawberry, and Raspberry Lemonade. Their tri-colored blossoms are so vibrant and lively! Use them as fillers or groundcover plants in the garden bed to make a bold statement, or plant them in hanging baskets for a bright canopy of fresh, juicy color.

-dark blue lobelia wallaces garden centerLobelia “Magadi” Series

One of the best filler plants for mixed container arrangements and baskets, Lobelia continues to be a top favorite. It’s known for its true blue blooms—a rare find in the gardening world! The “Magadi” series features a dark blue Lobelia that will take your breath away—the color is deep and rich like pure blue ink. We also have a crisp white variety, perfect for completing an icy cool color palette.

Lantana “Shamrock” Series

Lantanas are loved for their clusters of ultra-vivid blooms, exploding with color like tiny bursts of fireworks. The “Shamrock” series features plenty of warm, invigorating shades: Orange Flame, Peach, and Rose, plus the subtle, creamy White Lantana for those who prefer minimalist palettes. Plant them in baskets and borders for a whimsical display that feels fun and youthful.

-petunia pink and yellow wallaces garden centerPhoto Credit: Westhoff Flowers

Petunia “BigDeal” Fingerpaint

These cartoonishly cute new Petunia plants have so much personality! Each banana yellow bloom looks like someone dipped their finger in magenta paint and tried to paint a flower within the flower. Truly vigorous growers that spread with remarkable speed, these Petunias are perfect for filling out big garden beds and landscapes. They flower early in the season, which gives them even more time to grow tall and wide, making a huge splash with their unstoppable color.

Coleus “Main Street” Series

We love this foliage plant for its spectacularly bright leaves, available in a whole paintbox of colors. The “Main Street” series has a selection of cultivars named after noteworthy streets like “Venice Boulevard” and “Bourbon Street,” but the “Yonge Street” variety is a particular standout! We love its cherry-red leaves, blushing with violet—it’s so romantic and dramatic. Plant coleus with taller flowering plants for a visually satisfying container arrangement.

-pink calibrachoa wallaces garden centerPhoto Credit: Dummen Orange Calibrachoa “Volcano” Series

In search of high-impact plants that illuminate the scenery like a neon sign? The Calibrachoa “Volcano” series should fit the bill! Its five-petalled blooms are so satisfyingly perfect, with ultra-saturated centers and contrasting, highlighted borders. Noteworthy cultivars include “Volcano Neon” with deep coral blooms with a butter yellow trim and “Volcano Gold” with lemon-yellow blooms, a light halo border, and a subtle orange flush across its center. Keep in mind that our annual frost free date for this area is May 15th so if you purchase and plant early, be sure to watch the weather and bring them in on cold nights and days.

There are plenty more new plants for sale at Wallace’s Garden Center, so visit us soon to snag the latest and greatest contenders entering the ring this year!

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