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8 Colorful Houseplants with Big Personalities

These colorful houseplants are a great way to add hints of hue to your home!

You can never have too much color! Choosing houseplants with brilliant blooms or vibrant leaves is a great way to add hints of hue to your home. Here are our top 8 picks for colorful houseplants.


Crotons have incredible variegation in supersaturated yellow, orange, green, and red tones. For many crotons, these colors look like bright veins running along the leaves. The amount of color the plant has will depend on the intensity of light. If it doesn’t get enough light, the leaves will unfold as totally green. Crotons are low-maintenance and will droop a bit dramatically if you’ve neglected them. No problem though, just give them a good watering, and they will perk right back up!

croton plant and angel wing begonia


While a popular choice for outdoor gardens, some begonias would fare just fine indoors and are a great way to add gorgeous, delicate pops of color to your houseplant collection. There are a few different varieties to choose from, including waxy-varieties or heavenly angel-winged versions. Begonia blooms come in almost every shade imaginable, but pink, red, and white are some of the most popular. Be sure to keep begonias away from pets, as they are poisonous.

African Mask

The African Mask is a great option to consider when looking for colorful houseplants. Also known as an elephant’s ear, its huge leaves pack a colorful punch with deep saturated greens, purple undertones, and bright white or yellow veins. These plants are an excellent option for when you want a statement piece with dark colors. Get ready, though; these plants can grow up to 6 feet tall and wide!

African mask plant and cyclamen plant


These adorable little tubular-flowers boast shades of pink, lavender, white, red, and magenta. Cyclamens have a slightly magical quality to them as they look a bit like shooting stars with heart-shaped leaves. They actually prefer slightly cooler temperatures, and it’s best to let the soil dry out a bit as they are sensitive to overwatering. After your cyclamen blooms, make sure to cut off the dead flowers at the base of the stem so the plant can push out new growth for you to enjoy.

Choosing houseplants with brilliant blooms or vibrant leaves is a great way to add hints of hue to your home.

Prayer Plant

This variety of prayer plant is a stunning tri-color beauty that is known for the way its leaves lay flat during the day and fold up during the night, like hands in prayer. The leaves are dark and light green, with vibrant reddish-pink variegation running through. You may also be treated to occasional blooms of tiny lilac-colored flowers. Prayer plants do well in a naturally warm and moist environment with good airflow. We think the prayer plant is a wonderful addition to any colorful houseplant collection. Amen!

prayer plant and polka dot plant

Polka Dot Plant

Cute as a button, the polka dot plant comes in a variety of shades to fit your houseplant aesthetic. Pink polka dot plants are very popular right now, but you can find combinations of red, white, purple, and more. They do bloom periodically with small purple flowers as long as you keep the plant healthy –– they don’t like getting dried out!

African Violet

African violets are some of the sweetest little plants in the world. They have incredibly beautiful blooms in hues of purple, pink, periwinkle, and white. Their soft lambs-ear leaves are another textural bonus. They are relatively low-maintenance if you give them just the right amount of sunlight. Add these darlings to your office space for a moment of bliss.

African violet and Rubber Tree plant

Ficus Elastica ‘Burgundy’

Also known as a rubber tree, ficus plants come in many variations of color. This burgundy plant has splotches of deep red, or you may find a ficus ‘Tineke’ with beautiful pink marbling. Ficus are usually quite easy to take care of; you can let them dry out a bit between waterings.

Make sure they have plenty of bright indirect light. If you’re looking for colorful houseplant inspiration in Bettendorf, come visit us, we’d love to help you add every color of the rainbow to your plant collection!

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