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8 Romantic Plants She’ll Love This Valentine’s Day

Gift something beautiful (and budget-wise) that lasts for years—a romantic houseplant!

Are you still deciding what to buy your love for Valentine’s Day this year? Plants make the most romantic gifts, no question! There are so many gorgeous indoor plant varieties with jewel-toned blooms and other sweet features that make them ideal for this romantic holiday. With the proper care, they’ll last years longer than a bouquet of roses, and they’re priced just right so you can still enjoy a nice dinner out (or in!) For the complete package, print out some care instructions on a card and place your plant in a pretty pot with a romantic motif!

These Plants Make the Perfect Romantic Gesture for Valentine’s Day

Moth Orchids

There’s something so undeniably elegant and breathtaking about moth orchids. Their tall, slender stems bring an air of calm and tranquility, and the exotic blooms that emerge are like a work of art. While they have a reputation for being high-maintenance, that certainly isn’t the case with moth orchids. They just have a different root system and require a soilless potting medium, so their requirements are slightly different from your standard plant. With a bit of care and attention, your moth orchid will flourish!

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This blooming beauty is available in so many different romantic colors—the flowers can come in almost every pink and purple imaginable, as well as creamy white and Valentine red. Even when the blooms fade for the season, its cool blue-green foliage looks striking with its silvery-white variegation. Plus, the leaves are heart-shaped and some flowers have a subtle fragrance to them!

African Violets

The plush, fuzzy leaves of this easy-care houseplant are so luxurious! They’re like a bed of velvet cushions where the violet blossoms can rest. African violets come in opulent shades of pink, purple and white, and there are some multi-colored varieties available as well. While they’re super easy to grow, the one thing you must remember is to avoid watering the leaves, or else their shiny velvet coating will start to get funky.

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String of Hearts

Cascading vines of vibrantly colorful heart-shaped leaves make the String of Hearts plant a clear choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift! Each leaf has a teal green top with silver veins with a contrasting underside in a rich shade of sugar plum purple. The vines can grow up to 12 feet indoors, so it’s ideal for a hanging basket in the window. Your sweetheart will love the way the sunlight sparkles through the foliage!


Even in lower light settings, begonias never fail to impress us with their stunning displays of voluminous, ultra-vivid blooms. Some varieties have pretty incredible foliage, like the Bronze Leaf Begonia, which has shiny, deep amber leaves with a golden sheen and romantic red blossoms. The Angel Wing variety can have giant polka-dotted leaves, making a bold and stylish statement as part of your indoor decor. Your lady will love it!

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Hoya Kerrii

You won’t find a succulent more cute and Valentine-y than this one! Hoya kerrii, also known as “Hoya Hearts,” begins as a single, plump, heart-shaped leaf emerging from the soil. It develops long, trailing stems that produce even more of these little hearts all the way along, like a Valentine’s Day garland covered in heart ornaments! Let them hang down, or train them to grow up a wire trellis.


These fascinating tropical plants have vibrant, colorful bracts that emerge from their foliage, resembling a giant singular flower. Some produce bracts in classic romantic colors like pink, purple and red, but if you want to brighten up your sweetheart’s February, you can opt for a sunny yellow or golden orange variety. When the bracts fade, your bromeliads will produce offsets that can be removed and replanted into a whole new plant for a never-ending cycle of beautiful bromeliad color!

There are plenty more beautiful plants for making a romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day! Visit Wallace’s to see all the latest romantic plants for sale in Iowa. Feel free to ask our staff for care tips so your valentine can enjoy these beautiful plants for as long as possible. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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