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The Best Houseplant Hostess Gifts

Our houseplant gift ideas are sure to make the best guest at the party this year!

Fresh flowers will always have a place as gifts, that’s for certain, but we thought you might want to venture into another world of green the next time you’re invited to a holiday party. Houseplants can be attractive, fun to look after, help to purify the air, and instantly add warmth to anyone’s indoor space. An easy-care and well-wrapped houseplant can make the best hostess or host gift. Here are some hostess plant gift ideas to help you buy the best this holiday season.

What’s Christmas Without A Cactus?

A Christmas cactus is a gorgeous blooming succulent that can last for decades if it’s given the proper care. The best part is that these beauties only need water every two weeks and will bloom just in time for the holidays! Put one of these in a nice pot or some fancy wrapping, and you’ve got yourself the best holiday hostess gift.

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Snake It Till You Make It

We could write an entire article about why we love the snake plant, but we will try to control ourselves for your sake. The Sansevieria comes in several different species, around 70 give or take, and these low maintenance, low light, low water friends are nearly impossible to kill. They make a perfect housewarming or hostess gift because they are associated with good luck, and they represent nature and positive energy. Put this slam dunk in an attractive pot, and you will be the most popular guest at the party with good vibes only.

Aloe You Vera Much

Aloe just doesn’t get old, and this “plant of immortality” was used by the ancient Egyptians for its antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral properties on skin. Aloe is made from 99.5% water, making it one of the most low-maintenance host gifts out there because in a bright room, it will thrive with very little watering.

-jade plant for Christmas Wallaces garden center

A Good Jade Never Fades

This succulent beauty never disappoints because it is easy, has a beautiful name, and it’s guaranteed to win over your host. This one makes a great host gift because it is believed to bring good luck and wealth to a household—what host wouldn’t want that? The jade can also live for up to 70-100 years with the proper care, giving your host plenty of time to enjoy the gift and holiday memories.

Succulents Always Make Great Gifts

Everyone loves succulents. They love light, need very little water, and never stop looking cute on the windowsill. According to Feng Shui, having succulents in the home can bring good fortune, wealth, and prosperity to the homeowner; they’re also a symbol of love. Now which host or hostess wouldn’t want all of these things brought to their party?

Wallace's Garden Center- Houseplant Hostess Gifts -peace lily plant

Try a Peace Lily for Christmas

Everyone has a friend that kills every plant because they overwater it. Fear not, because a peace lily loves to be watered, so this host or hostess will feel better about their lack of green thumb, knowing that they can be a plant parent after all. The peace lily loves a bright room and typically blooms a couple of times per year. This air purifier represents purity itself and often symbolizes support when given as a gift.

Wrap Your Plant Presents

One of the most important things to remember about traveling with plants in the winter is that they must be covered all the way to the top. All the above houseplants will not be pleased if you give them to their new owners exposed to the cold. Here are a few ways to wrap these plants:
  • Find your favorite pot to go with your plant (one with drainage is always better). What is the aesthetic of the host’s home, or which color does the hostess like best?
  • Pick up a burlap basket with handles from the dollar or craft store, place the plant inside and cover the entire thing with cellophane and a bow at the top.
  • Place a square piece of wrapping paper on the table and place your plant in the middle. Using twine, pull up all the sides of the paper, tying the twine around the top of the pot.

If you need ideas for hostess/host plants this holiday season, our friendly staff at Wallace's in Bettendorf will share their houseplant love with you and help you find the best foliage fit for your host/ hostess with the most/mostess.
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