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How to Design an Outdoor Living Room in Your Backyard

Creating a functional outdoor living space is easier than you’d think—all you need is a few essential décor and furniture elements to complete the look.

Who wants to spend the afternoon cooped up indoors when it’s so gorgeous and sunny outside? Creating an outdoor living room area is a totally worthwhile gardening project. It expands your living space, combining elements of home and nature for a supremely soothing spot to hang out with loved ones.

How Do I Build a Living Room in My Garden?

There are several key elements of a living room that you can bring outside—you just need to adjust them a little to make them suitable for the outdoors! Here are some creative ways to create a DIY living room outside for an endless summer of game nights, snacking on charcuterie boards, and clinking glasses with all those near and dear.

Wallace's Garden Center-How to Make an Outdoor Room-comfy outdoor furnitureComfy Patio Furniture

The most important thing you need to create a perfect outdoor living room is some comfortable outdoor couches and lounge chairs or smooth gliders! We particularly love recycled plastic furniture from Berlin Gardens. It’s low maintenance, durable and comfy for an evening outdoors. Wallace's Garden Center-How to Make an Outdoor Room-white wooden patio setA good coffee/cocktail table and some side tables are important, too. Guests need a place to put their drinks down, and you’ll need a spot to put all your serving trays full of appetizers and party snacks. Consider adding a sun shade or an umbrella if your yard is super sunny—too much sunshine could cut the party short!

Wallace's Garden Center-How to Make an Outdoor Room-outdoor furniture with carpetOutdoor Floor Covering

It’s amazing how an outdoor carpet can completely transform the look of your yard. Simply placing one underneath your patio furniture creates a sense of separation from the rest of the yard, establishing that area as a singular room. They’re great over hardscapes like pavers and concrete—they soften up the terrain, lessening the risk of stubbed toes and scraped knees. Plus, they’re super easy to clean! Find one in a pretty textile made for outdoor use, and it will last for years and years.

Wallace's Garden Center-How to Make an Outdoor Room-outdoor furniture with seat pads

Fireplaces and Pits

Gathering around the hearth is just part of human nature. Nothing brings us together quite like a warm fire and good company! An outdoor fireplace is a fabulous addition to a living room seating area, but if you want something simpler, you can just opt for a fire pit. There are even tabletop fire pits available, so you can cover it up and use it as a coffee table when you aren’t planning on burning any wood.

Wallace's Garden Center-How to Make an Outdoor Room-ambient outdoor lightingAmbient Lighting

Pretty lighting will make such a difference in the mood and atmosphere of your outdoor living room. Go for something a little more whimsical with twinkle lights and string lanterns, or try some modern, sleek stake lights for a more contemporary look. Lighting is especially important for late-night entertaining outside—you don’t want anybody taking a tumble or tripping over stuff in the yard when it’s dark out!

Wallace's Garden Center-How to Make an Outdoor Room-storage shed for kids toysStylish Storage for Kids Toys

Nothing cramps your style quite like a mountain of Tonka trucks and water tables. Of course, kids are always welcome to play in the yard, but when you’ve got guests coming over, it helps to have a convenient spot to pack away all the toys. An outdoor storage bin that doubles as a bench is the perfect solution! Just toss the toys inside; they’re still easy to access when the kids need something to keep them entertained. Plus, if they get a bit dirty outside, you don’t have to deal with washing them before bringing them inside every time.

Discover even more furniture and décor for outdoor rooms in Iowa by visiting Wallace’s Garden Center! We have a spectacular collection of outdoor living essentials in a variety of colors and styles to suit your design. Some browse the garden center and see what’s new for summer 2022!

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