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All-Yellow Gardens: Best Flowers for this Fun Trend

An all-yellow garden is a fun trend that can add a burst of happiness to your yard all summer.

If you have never tried to plant a monochromatic garden, why not start now? An all-yellow garden is a fun trend that can add a burst of happiness to your yard. Opting for an all-yellow garden doesn’t mean you can’t have diversity. That’s why we created this list of yellow flowers that will bloom bright all summer.


It’s not hard to find a daylily in the perfect shade of yellow. With over 20 varieties to try out, you could have a whole garden filled with just lilies. These yellow flowers come in a complete spectrum of shades, so you can enjoy watching them bloom all summer. Try varieties Happy Returns or Stella De Oro.

daylily and marigold plantsMarigold

You can’t think of yellow flowers without thinking about marigolds. They come in many shades of yellow, gold, and orange. Marigolds grow quickly, and last until the first hard frost. Another bonus with planting marigolds: they are excellent natural bug repellents. Planting marigolds near your patio or seating area will create a more enjoyable summer!


If your summer garden needs some yellow foliage that can bloom in all conditions, even shady ones, then plant some hostas this year! Hostas have huge leaves that act as a perfect backdrop. To add some intense yellow foliage, try Fire Island, Dancing Queen, or June. On the more mellow yellow side, try Mama Mia, Maui Buttercups, or Great Expectations. In many of these varieties, you’ll enjoy some beautiful variegated leaves, too!

hosta and heliopsis plantsHeliopsis

There’s an imposter on the loose! It’s a heliopsis, also known as false sunflower. While they resemble sunflowers, they are a bit different. They can withstand heat and are drought-tolerant, so if you are looking for some yellow flowers that can bloom all summer long, heliopsis is a great investment! They can grow between three to six feet tall, and are beloved by some of our favorite local pollinators. One thing to note: you likely won’t see any blooms at all the first summer you plant these delightful yellow flowers, but be patient; they are worth the wait!

Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan's, also called Rudbeckia, are available in tons of shades of yellow and variegated patterns. Black-eyed Susan’s grow natively in some pretty tough climates, so you won’t have to worry about them too much. You can get single or double-bloom versions of this hardy beauty, and they are a great filler for gaps in your all-yellow garden. They’ll grow within quite a range: ten inches to three feet tall!

black eyed Susan and sedum plantsSedum

If you’re looking for something a little bit unique for your all-yellow garden this year, try planting a sedum that products yellow flowers. These succulents can thrive in hot and dry spots, and you’ll be treated to the tiny yellow flowers even if you neglect them a bit. Plant sedum anywhere you want some low ground coverage.

yellow yarrow in bloomYarrow

Also known as Achillea, Yarrow is a perennial with a beautiful, soft texture and tiny flowers that seem to never quit. Depending on the variety, they’ll grow from one to three feet tall. The rich gold tone of Yarrow can create a gorgeous carpet when the plant naturally seeds across a large area.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some beautiful yellow perennials in Bettendorf, Iowa, come visit us! We’ll help you achieve the monochromatic garden of your dreams and help you with any garden questions you may have.

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