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8 Colorful Annuals to Jump Start Your Spring Garden

Get creative with your colorful annuals this year! Check out our list of colorful annuals to try in your garden this spring.

Gardening season is upon us, and it’s time to get inspired with vibrant pops of color for your garden beds and pots.


You simply can’t resist these cheerful little rays of sunshine. Marigolds brighten up any landscape or pot with their bold hues of orange, yellow, and gold. Marigolds come with another amazing benefit: they are great pest repellents! Planting marigolds is a great way to keep pests like aphids, whiteflies, and mosquitos at bay. You can plant them in pots and strategically place them where you want additional pest repellent, like near patio furniture. Water marigolds at the base of the plant and avoid getting water directly on the leaves to prevent mildew. While they don’t require deadheading, doing so will help keep your marigolds fresh and blooming all season.

snapdragon flowers


Snapdragons are a beloved hit with kids and adults alike. Their adorable blooms can be taken off and open and closed like a miniature dragon puppet. They come in dozens of shades to match your garden aesthetic, and they are often in a beautiful ombre pattern to show off an array of hues. For example, the orange-scarlet variety has hints of pink and yellow too. Snapdragons are perfect for pops of spring color in your garden. Deadhead them for a beautiful round two after their first bloom.


Begonias are so diverse that you could have several varieties in your pots or gardens and still have a beautiful tapestry of color and texture. They commonly come in shades of reds, pinks, and oranges. Their flowers often have a dreamy, romantic shape that we never grow tired of. These beauties should be dried out between waterings but make sure to keep them in a humid climate.

geranium plant


Geraniums are some of the most versatile, colorful annuals you can grow in pots or garden beds. Whatever shade or shape you’re dreaming of, geraniums can likely make your garden vision become a reality. These flowers need moist, well-draining soil in order to keep them happy and thriving. They also love sunlight and are a great addition to any container garden or hanging basket because of their versatility. Water them deeply when you do, and fertilize regularly to keep blooms looking their best.


Dahlias are the very definition of beauty. These pretty plants come in a rainbow of varieties, from the deepest burgundies to the most vibrant, rich reds and oranges. If you’re looking for a spring annual that will do well in pots, select the lollipop-style pompom flower that will grow about two inches. If you want to make a bold statement with dahlias, the dinner-plate blooms can have blossoms up to 15 inches! Planting dahlia tubers in late spring will yield stunning blooms throughout summer and autumn.

impatien flowers


Impatient to have a cheerful, beautiful garden? Then you should definitely add impatiens to your garden shopping list. These bright beauties can light up any dark part of your garden: just make sure you keep them well-watered. These sweeties of the annual flower world can thrive in shady spots, whether you grow them in the ground or in pots. Avoid growing impatiens in full sun conditions, which is far too harsh for their delicate nature. Impatiens are a great option if you’re trying to add some cuteness to your garden, containers, borders, or hanging baskets.


Coleus are our top pick for low-maintenance but high-impact annuals. Coleus is actually a tropical plant that loves warm, moist climates, but can handle variable conditions: just don’t let them get too cold! Coleus come in a wide range of vibrant and unexpected color combinations, such as lush green and vibrant purple, but can also be found in shades of delicate pink, bold red, and deep burgundy. Coleus plants are perfect for containers, borders, or to fill in some gaps in your garden beds. There are so many varieties that you can find the perfect one for your full sun or full shade location or anywhere in between.

zinnia flowersZinnias

If you’re looking for the cutest combination of daisies and sunflowers, meet the zinnia! Zinnias produce brilliant pops of color throughout your yard that mature from seed to bloom in just a few weeks, and you can choose many varieties of colors to match your garden aesthetic. Planting zinnias is an invitation for your local pollinators to come visit: be prepared to spend your summer with hummingbirds and butterflies. Let zinnias have plenty of sun and water regularly. Get creative with your colorful annuals this year!

If you’re looking for more inspiration for annuals to grow in pots or your garden beds this spring in Bettendorf, look no further than Wallace’s Garden Center. We are always here to help you get inspired and create a garden you are truly proud of!

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