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Jumpstart Your Spring With These Easy to Grow Flowers

Spring is exciting, but it can seem like it takes a long time for things to bloom while we're waiting to shake off the winter blues. And with all the seed starting and spring cleanup that needs doing, you may not have time to get any early bloomers planted. That's a big reason why we're big fans of "set-it-and-forget-it" bulbs that are planted in the fall! However, if you missed your chance to plant your bulbs before winter, you'll have no trouble finding gorgeous, blooming annuals to plug into your garden for a color-filled spring garden! Here are some of our favorite spring blooming plants that grow well in Iowa.


Spring Flowering Bulbs to Plant in the Fall

Bulbs take a little bit of planning, but they're also hands-down the easiest way to enjoy early spring blooming flowers. Flower bulbs are so simple. In late September or October, you plunk them in holes about 6 inches deep (this varies by flower), cover them up, give them some water, and then forget about them! Come March, April, and May, you'll have gorgeous blossoms popping up all over the place to decorate your yard. If you missed your chance to plant fall bulbs, you’ll find an awesome selection of summer-blooming bulbs at our Bettendorf garden center that you can start planting any day now! Here are some of our favorite bulbs to plant in the fall that are starting to bloom as we speak!


Jumpstart Your Spring With These Easy to Grow Flowers Snowdrops are one of the earliest bloomers, flaunting their short and delicate white blossoms so early, it's not uncommon to spot them while there's still snow on the ground! Crocuses are usually pretty close behind Snowdrops, and they're available in a variety of colors, from yellow, to pink, to showy royal purple.


Daffodils are another favorite that brighten up the early spring garden, and boy, are there some gorgeous options! Beyond the classic yellow, there are so many different varieties available to choose from—including oranges, pinks, and whites, and even some with lush double blossoms. Hyacinth features beautiful, fragrant flower spikes loaded with tiny little blooms. These bold bloomers are available in an endless spectrum of colors.

Hyacinth has a totally different shape compared to most other spring-blooming plants, which can add some welcome variety to your beds and containers. Squill features a spike, similar to Hyacinth, but the blossoms are quite different. They're spaced further apart and have longer petals. They're available in a variety of colors, including some nearly true blues—a rarity in the gardening world!


Alliums tower over everyone else—some of them reach heights up to 5' tall! Alliums feature tall narrow stems, topped with a dense ball of blooms. They do bloom later in the spring, but their unique seed heads add visual interest all year long, even through the winter.


Easy Annuals To Jumpstart Spring

Looking for some color to add to your garden right now? Add some vibrant annuals to your garden to get a jumpstart on the season. These tough little plants are easy to grow and can handle the weather fluctuations of spring in Iowa.


Pansies are our absolute favorite early annuals. They are super easy flowers to plant in spring in Bettendorf. They're so easy to grow, tough as nails, and come in so many colors. Their big cheerful faces follow the sun all day long, and they're ever-so-forgiving. They can take a little frost, they'll hang on if you forget to water for a couple of days, and they come in pretty much every color of the rainbow.

You can create a beautiful and colorful display in every flower bed with pansies to kickstart your spring with a bright shock of color! Stop by our garden center in Bettendorf and get set for Spring with pansies, pots spring decor and more!

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