Elevate Your Fall Aesthetic with These Modern Decor Styling Tips wallacegardencenter

Elevate Your Fall Aesthetic with These Modern Decor Styling Tips

We're going beyond the basic burlap and plaid, instead opting for modern accents in our favorite seasonal colors!

Fall is such a gorgeous season, and we love decorating our homes to look the part! That said, there are a few fall decor staples that are a bit overdone and outdated. If the sight of burlap and buffalo plaid makes you cringe and you'd like something a bit more creative than a pile of gourds on the coffee table, we have some fall decor tips that will suit your space.

Follow These Design Tips for a Fresh Take on Fall Decor

Pumpkin-spice up your life with these contemporary styling ideas that will elevate your indoor fall decor!

Wallace's Garden Center-Iowa- Decor Tips for an Elevated Fall Aesthetic-indoor halloween decor fancyAdd Drama with Deep Forest Green

Trendy and festive, yet bold and contemporary—deep forest green is a magnificent color for mellowing out the bright oranges and golds of the season. It's complementary to the classic autumn color palette but brings contrast and cool sophistication. Pick up some dark green plant pots, a plush throw for the sofa, or coasters and table settings to seamlessly incorporate this on-trend color into your fall decor.

Maximize Golden Hour with Statement Mirrors

The sunlight is dwindling as the seasons change! Make the most of our sunny golden afternoons by hanging a statement mirror across from your living room window. We love mirrors with an antique gold trim for fall—an easy accent to DIY with some metallic paints! To zhuzh it up a little more, pick up some silk fall foliage vines and arrange them around the mirror frame.

Wallace's Garden Center-Iowa- Decor Tips for an Elevated Fall Aesthetic-autumn colored garland

Autumnal Pom-Pom Garlands

A pom-pom garland might sound like something that belongs in a 5-year-old's bedroom, but trust us—they are so trendy and stylish! If you avoid bright primary colors and opt for more muted or rich tones, they're the perfect balance of modern and whimsical. There are lots of makers who sell them online, but you can also go the DIY route! Choose an assortment of pom-poms in fall colors like burnt orange, gold, cream, and chocolate brown, and hang your garland on the wall, mantle, or banisters.

Orange and Gold-Toned Houseplants

Can't get enough of that fab fall foliage? Grab some houseplants that sport those sensational colors all year long! There are all sorts of variegated, multi-tonal plants with splashes of orange and gold. Here are a few of our favorites:
  • Gold dust croton
  • Mammy croton
  • Golden pothos
  • Philodendron "Prince of Orange"
  • Orange anthurium
  • Orange or yellow bromeliad
  • Orange or yellow blooming kalanchoe
  • Goldfish plant
  • Moon cactus
  • Orange or yellow blooming chrysanthemums

Wallace's Garden Center-Iowa- Decor Tips for an Elevated Fall Aesthetic-indoor halloween decor fancy

Raw Wood Decor Accents

The great thing about raw wood decor is that it still feels rustic without looking too "kitschy pumpkin patch." Instead, it has a high-end, artistic appeal that never goes out of style—and those natural wood tones perfectly complement autumn color palettes! Here are a few ideas for raw wood decor to add to your indoor space:
  • Wood coasters
  • A stump ottoman
  • Driftwood centerpieces
  • Wall art
  • Wood bowls or drink trays for the coffee table
  • Vases and plant pots
If you find raw wood or driftwood outside that you'd like to use for decor, be sure to properly clean it and treat it before bringing it inside! Bugs often hide in old wood, and you don't want to introduce pests to your indoor plant collection accidentally.

Wallace's Garden Center-Iowa- Decor Tips for an Elevated Fall Aesthetic-halloween themed pillows

DIY Pillow Shams with Pretty Fall Textiles

A square pillow sham is one of the most basic DIY sewing projects you can make, whether you're a novice or a master of DIY decor! You don't even need a sewing machine—just put on a Netflix rom-com and sew it by hand. There are so many gorgeous textiles that bring a stylish fall aesthetic without feeling kitschy or dated. Avoid the standard burlap and buffalo plaid. Instead, look for modern prints featuring our favorite fall colors: burgundy, orange, deep gold, plum, navy, or dark green. Florals, velvet, chunky knits, geometric prints—all are fantastic options! For more inspiration and fall decor tips for Iowa, it never hurts to stop by Wallace's Garden Center and explore! We love getting new seasonal items to spruce up our space. In the season of the harvest, there are always so many beautiful colors and things to admire.
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