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Tomatoes 2019

Wallaces Tomatoes

Name Class Type Characterisitic Picture
Jet Star Slicer Indeterminate Low Acidity, Crack Resistant jetstar
Fourth Of July Slicer Indeterminate Hi Yield, 4 oz tomatoes, early fruit set forthjuly
Better Boy Slicer Indeterminate Highly Adaptable, Good Disease resistance, 1lb fruit betterboy
Early Girl Slicer Indeterminate Early Harvest, 6-8 oz fruit, good all-around earlygirl
Celebrity Slicer Determinate Crack resistant, 7 oz fruit, superb flavor and high yield, good for container celebrity
Champion Slicer Indeterminate High Yield, medium size fruit, good flavor & disease resistance champion
Big Boy Slicer Indeterminate Good aroma & Flavor, 10-16 oz fruit, Best-seller, disease resistance bigboy
Red Grape Grape Indeterminate Big Yields, shiny red fruit in clusters,firm texture, sweet Red Grape
Patio Cherry Determinate Tasty 3-4 oz tomatoes on compact plants, good for containers, 50+ per plant patio
Sungold Cherry Indeterminate Amazing sweet-tart flavor, best seller, 1 oz fruit, great for snacking sungold
Shimmer Plum Indeterminate 300-350 fruits per season, Sweet flavor, unique color shimmer
Husky Cherry Red Cherry Dwarf Indeterminate Super sweet flavor, high yield, perfect for containers, need support huskycherryred
Lemon Boy Slicer Indeterminate Tangy, globe, meaty, mild fruit. Tall Plants need support lemonboy
La Roma Paste, Sauce Determinate 3″ Fruit, Thick-walled, meaty, not juicy laroma
San Marzano Paste Indeterminate 4 oz fruit,meaty, small seed cavity, first class paste tomato sanmarzano
Sweet 100 Cherry Indeterminate 1 oz fruit, scarlet, sugary flavor, produces until frost sweethundred
Big Beef Beefsteak Indeterminate Early to bear, old time flavor, good disease resistant, provide strong support bigbeef
Cherokee Purple Heirloom, Beefsteak Indeterminate Dark purple rich full flavor, large5″ Fruit, meaty cherokepurple
Brandywine Heirloom Indeterminate Amazing flavor, ripen late, beefsteak shape and size, pink-red color brandywine