Shredded Hardwood Bulk Mulch


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Sold by the cubic yard. 1 Yard $39.99 3 or More $34.99 each

Wallace’s Delivers Bulk mulch in the entire Quad City area, 7 days per week. The delivery charge is based on city and starts at $20 for Bettendorf. Wallace’s Delivery Truck can hold up to 8 yards in one delivery.
**Due to Insurance regulations, we are only able to load customer trucks that have an 8′ long bed. We are not able to load short-bed trucks.

Sold by the cubic yard. Wallace’s Bulk Shredded hardwood mulch is sourced locally, triple-shredded and heat sterilized.  Wallace’s Bulk hardwood mulch is the same mulch that is sold in Wallace’s Hardwood mulch bags.

There is a price break when you order 3 yards or more. Wallace’s delivery truck will hold about 8 yards of mulch.  There is a delivery fee for mulch based on zip code.  Bettendorf delivery is $20.00.

We will load bulk mulch onto trailers or trucks. Truck must have an 8′ bed and cannot be a short-bed truck. No exceptions.