Fitt Flow Garden Hose in Bag 60′


  • COMPLETE 3-IN-1 READY-TO-USE WATERING SYSTEM: An innovative product designed specifically for those that love their outdoor spaces . Our patio expandable hose kit includes extendable hose with corrosion proof couplings, multi-pattern nozzle and designer storage bag.
  • THE HOSE: ½-in x 60-ft self-expandable hose, 6 layers Lightweight Flexible self-extendable strong hybrid polymer, innovative award-winning Italian-designed, 3x lighter than the other lightweight garden hoses on the market
  • THE NOZZLE: modern multi-function 4-pattern spray nozzle, easy thumb-controlled water flow, ergonomic hand grip, robust and light
  • THE STORAGE BAG: The product comes in a Beautiful Italian Design Storage Bag, water and mold resistant materials, mesh panels for airing and drainage, comfortable carrying straps
  • FITT FLOW is not your Grandfather’s green hose. It is something refreshingly new. Choose the award-winning technology of a Made in Italy Product