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Peppers 2019

Wallaces Peppers

Name Class Characterisitic Picture
Nikita Sweet Bell Bright flavor, Crisp even when cooked, Gold suffused with orange-red nikita
Big Bertha Sweet Bell 7″ Large, thick wall, good for stuffin, extremely sweet, ripen to dark red bigbertha
Confetti (Mini) Mini Sweet Bell Petite 2 oz peppers, many colors, variegated foliage, attractive plants confetti
Candy Apple Sweet Bell 5″ Fruits, deep red and sugary sweet, salads & snacks candyapple
Jungle Parrot Sweet Bell High Yield sweet pepper on compact plants perfect for containers jungleparrot
Great Stuff Hybrid Sweet Bell Colossal stuffer 7″ long, 5″ wide, Very productive & Disease resistant greatstuffhybrid
Sweet Heat Bell Sweet and Hot, 65% higher Vitamin C, 10″ plants with 3.5″ Fruit, Hotter when green, more mild when red. sweetheat
Baron Sweet Bell High yield, blocky, 4″ thick-walled fruits. Great for roasting and stuffing baron
Better Belle Sweet Bell Vigorous grower, heat tolerant, great in containers, 5″ fruit ready to harvest earlier betterbelle
California Wonder Heirloom Bell The standard since 1928, 4″ Thick-walled flavor full fruit californuawonder
Golden California Wonder Heirloom Bell 5″4 x4″ Fruits are sweet and mild, set fruit continuously on 24″ plants goldencalifornuawonder
Habanero Orange Hot Pepper One of the hottest peppers, lantern shaped, ripen from light green to deep orange habarenoorange
Sweet Banana Heirloom Large pointed fruits , 6-7″ Long, Mild yellow peppers ripen to bright red, great for pickling sweetbanana
Bid Daddy Italian Roasting 8-10″ Sweet marconi peppers, thick-walled, crispy and sweet. 18-24″ Plants biddaddy
Jalapeno Hot Chili Pepper World’s most popular chili pepper, 3″ thick-walled pods, deep green fruit matures to bright red jalepano
Jalpeno Gigante Hot Chili Pepper Huge mildly hot fruit, perfect for stuffing or jalapeno poppers, 3-5″ Fruit, use green or red jalepanogigante
Poblano Hot (Ancho, when dried) 4″ Heart shaped fruits are much hotter when fully ripe red then early green, most popular pepper in Mexico. 2.5′ Plants pablano
Cayenne Hot Famously hot & pungent, used most often dried as flakes, 4-6″ Long fruits, slightly hotter than jalapenos. Very High Yield cayenne