Growing a Fiddle Leaf Fig: Everything You Need To Know

Houseplants make the cold winters in Iowa a little more bearable!


Fiddle leaf fig trees, also known as Ficus Lyrata, reign superior in the world of houseplants. This plant looks straight out of a tropical rainforest with its deep green, glossy foliage and upright growth habit. Fiddle leaf figs aren’t anything to fiddle with, however, which is why we’ve compiled a guide with all the information you need to know about growing the perfect tree. 


In addition to a warm, humid environment, the fiddle leaf fig prefers plenty of light and a moderate amount of water to grow


Wallace's Garden Center-Iowa- Decor Tips for an Elevated Fall Aesthetic-ficus lyrata in window sunSun 

Fiddle leaf fig trees enjoy up to five hours of sun daily. Ideally, you should place your fiddle leaf fig in a south-facing window, where it will get steady sunlight for the better part of the day. It is not recommended to place this plant next to a window that receives northern exposure, as it will not thrive in low-light conditions. 


Are My Fiddle Leaf Figs Receiving Enough Sun?

Your fiddle leaf fig will communicate with you if it’s receiving the correct amount of sunlight. The leaves of your plant will develop light-to-dark brown spots or patches if they receive too much sunlight. Figs that receive too little sunlight will have deterred, leggy growth, and may start leaning toward windows or even dropping their foliage. If you’re worried about how much sun your fiddle leaf fig is receiving, you can purchase a grow light for inside your home. Using this method, you can precisely control how much sunlight your tree receives.


Wallace's Garden Center-Iowa- Decor Tips for an Elevated Fall Aesthetic-ficus lyrata in potSoil 

There is a need for organic matter-rich potting media for fiddle leaf figs so that they can drain well. A peat-based soil with ⅓ perlite and ⅔ peat is a perfect balance. Your soil should be kept moist, but not soggy, and watered as necessary. Consider purchasing a potting mix if you are growing your plants in a pot. These mixes are specially made for houseplants grown in containers.  We recommend Wallace’s Container Mix, the same mix we use in our greenhouse. 



Approximately once a week, water the soil thoroughly, allowing the top couple inches to dry out before re-watering your plant. The fiddle leaf fig does not mind a nice balance of humidity around it; consider placing a humidifier nearby, or misting the leaves weekly. To ensure your plant’s leaves are kept clean, wipe them every few months with a damp cloth, while supporting the leaf with your other hand. 


Wallace's Garden Center-Iowa- Decor Tips for an Elevated Fall Aesthetic-wiping leaves of fiddle leaf figDust accumulation can be removed during this process, allowing plants to absorb and photosynthesize sunlight better. Because fiddle leaf figs require frequent watering, you might want to acquire a drip tray or saucer for underneath of the pot.



The food you feed your fiddle leaf fig is just as important as anything else. Don’t forget it! Because fiddle leaf fig leaves are large and dense, fertilizer is necessary for proper growth. Every gardener knows that with fertilizer, one size is not optimal for all, so you’ll need to get a bit specific in choosing your tree’s food. The best fertilizer for fiddle leaf figs is a 3-1-2 N-P-K ratio, which is 3% nitrogen, 1% phosphorus, and 2% potassium. Any fertilizer you’re considering should display these numbers prominently on the package. Or, you can talk to one of the indoor plant experts in our greenhouse about what nourishment is best for your plant!


Wallace's Garden Center-Iowa- Decor Tips for an Elevated Fall Aesthetic-repotting fiddle leaf figHow Do I Repot My Fiddle Leaf Fig? 

Every houseplant can benefit from a good repotting every now and then—as long as it’s done according to a few guidelines. Follow these easy steps to repot your fiddle leaf fig: 


How to Repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


1- Prepare a new planter with four to five inches of soil in the bottom

2- Take the plant out of the old container and set it on top of the soil

3- Add new potting mix until the container is filled in and the root ball is surrounded with soil. Make sure it is not planted too deeply and the top of the root ball is visible the way it was in the old container.

4- Water your plant according to the watering requirements listed above

5- Drain the reservoir of your plant after the excess water has run through

6- Wait at least one month before fertilizing!


Houseplants make the cold winters in Iowa a little more bearable. Come visit Wallace’s Garden Center in Bettendorf, Iowa and check out our fiddle leaf figs for sale!


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