The 8 Best Shrubs for Fall Foliage You Can Plant Now!

Vivacious and versatile, these shrubs are ready to plant now—you’re going to love them!


Trees aren’t the only ones rocking gorgeous fall foliage right now! Shrubs are a fantastic way to get that warm, radiant fall color without taking up quite as much space. If you want to maximize color and texture, you can plant them in multiples for hedges, borders, and foundation planting. Vivacious and versatile, these shrubs are ready to plant now—you’re going to love them!


Plant These Shrubs in Your Landscape for Instant Fall Foliage

Fall is a marvelous time for planting shrubs because the temperatures are mild and the sun is gentle. They’ll need some winter protection, but it’s easy—a layer of mulch across the soil and some fabric wrap for winter will do the trick! For now, you can enjoy their incredible fall foliage and throw a party in the yard with a gorgeous fall backdrop. 


Wallace's Garden Center-Iowa-The Best Shrubs for Fall Foliage-highland blueberry foliageHighbush Blueberry

Who doesn’t love freshly picked, organic blueberries? Your harvest of ultra-nutritious blueberries is followed closely behind by a dazzling fall foliage display. Those fiery red leaves set the landscape ablaze! Be sure to mix lots of compost into the soil before planting in fall—blueberries love acidic conditions.  


Fire Light and Fire Light Tid Bit Hydrangea

This panicle hydrangea bears luscious, long-lasting white blooms in summer, but they take on a rosy pink flush in fall. Their foliage transitions to shades of red, gold, and plum—when a hint of green remains, it creates a stunning prismatic effect! It’s great for adding maximum color to small spaces. 


Wallace's Garden Center-Iowa-The Best Shrubs for Fall Foliage-burning bush foliageBurning Bush

No surprise here—this mega-vibrant shrub has blazing red foliage like a glowing ember. It bears bright orange-red berries in fall, attracting plenty of colorful wild birds. Talk about a picturesque landscape! Burning bush grows quite fast, so plant them 5–6 feet apart to allow them to fill out.



Also known as Aronia, this fabulous shrub produces shiny berry clusters that appear in fall and remain throughout winter, providing seasonal interest and food for the birds! We have some great new varieties from Proven Winners that say low and do well in sun or shade. 


Learn how to describe the purpose of the imageBirchleaf Spirea ‘Tor’


Through spring, summer, and fall, this show-stopping spirea always delivers on flashy foliage. In spring, leaves emerge a beautiful bronze-gold shade, transitioning to a shocking lemon-lime in summer, then a gleaming copper-orange shade in fall.


It bears sugary pink blooms in summer and remains at a manageable size of 3 feet tall and wide. There are endless reasons to love this shrub!  



Wallace's Garden Center-Iowa-Shrubs for fall foliage-korean spice viburnumKorean Spice Viburnum


The scent of this flowering shrub is one of many reasons why it’s so popular! With powder pink spring blooms and raspberry red fall foliage, this stunner brings multi-season interest to elevate your landscape design.


It reaches 4–6 feet high and 4–7 feet wide, making it suitable for many different uses throughout the yard and garden.  




Find even more of the best shrubs in Iowa for fall foliage and season interest by visiting Wallace’s Garden Center! Ask our staff for tips on proper fall planting, or explore our blog for gardening tutorials. 


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