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winter lectures
Wallace’s 2019 Winter Lectures

January 26
10:30 AM
PRUNING BASICS – Finally, a method to the madness. Let Wallace’s nursery expert, Kate Terrell, guide you through the confusion of tree and shrub pruning. To look their best, all landscapes need to be maintained
with some pruning. Let us show you when and how. Kate will also preview the best techniques and tools to get the job done right with minimal effort.
January 26
1:30 PM
FRUIT TREE PRUNING – Apples, Cherries, Peaches and Pears – Oh My! Growing a fruit tree in your yard can provide you with years of enjoyment and bushels of delicious fruit. Join beekeeper and backyard
orchard enthusiast Ron Fischer as he shows you the best techniques for pruning your fruit trees. Small fruits like raspberries and blueberries will also be covered. Ron will share some of his favorite varieties as well as
the best ones for our area. (This is a great class for beginners!)
February 2
10:30 AM
BEGINNERS GUIDE TO BERRIES & GRAPES – Imagine spending the summer picking fresh raspberries, cooking with your own blueberries and munching on crisp grapes. New varieties of berry bushes and grape vines make it easier than ever to grow your own fruit. Join our nursery experts for a beginner’s guide to growing and a look at the best plants to flavor your summer.
February 9
10:30 AM
Talking Trees Want to improve your quality of life? Plant a tree. That’s right, trees don’t just provide you with beauty and shade, they can raise property value, lower energy costs, clean the air and water and make
you feel healthier. Our nursery experts will show you new and unique tree varieties in all shapes and sizes that can add beauty to your landscape year after year. Proper planting techniques will also be discussed.
February 16
10:30 AM
PLANT PROBLEM SOLVERS- Many home landscapes come with their own unique challenges that could stump even the most advanced gardener. From steep slopes, compacted soils, areas that are always wet or always dry to those places where grass just won’t grow, Wallace’s perennial expert and landscape designer Jean Z. will show you the perfect plants to survive and thrive in difficult spaces.
February 23
10:30 AM
RAIN GARDENS & WATERWISE PLANTS- All landscapes live and die by the rain that falls (or doesn’t) or by thewater we provide. Let landscape designer and environmentalist Jean Z. show you the benefits of creating a rain garden and the best plants to control pollution, conserve water, create habitats, and make the best use of the rain that falls in your yard.
March 2
10:30 AM
EVERYTHING’S COMING UP ROSES (& HYDRANGEAS)- These bloom-filled shrubs are the centerpieces of bouquets and landscapes alike. Join our nursery experts for a look at the many different types of roses and hydrangeas as well as where to plant them, how to take care of them, and which are best suited for Iowa.
March 9
10:30 AM
TOMATOES & PEPPERS – Nothing says summer like all the delicious foods you can make with homegrown tomatoes and peppers. Our greenhouse experts will teach you everything you need to know to grow these plants right on your deck or patio. Let us share our best tips for growing, fertilizing and dealing with pests and diseases as well as show you new varieties and how to select the right varieties for you and your family.
March 16
10:30 AM
RAISED BED GARDENING – Many gardeners can’t grow what they want because of heavy clay soil, bad drainage or sunlight in the wrong spot. Raised beds are the game changer that remove obstacles and allow
gardeners to create their own growing environment. The perfect class for beginners or anyone who doesn’t think they have the time or space to grow their own food. Let us show you the best techniques to grow a natural, edible harvest in your own raised bed garden.
March 23
10:30 AM
POLLINATOR PALOOZA – Bees and plants have a pact: The insects help themselves to as much sweet nectar as they like. In return, they distribute pollen for their blooming providers. Along with flies, butterflies
and beetles, bees secure much of our basic food supply. Join designer and perennial expert Jean Z. for a look at the best plants to provide habitat and food for pollinators and gorgeous blooms for your garden.
March 30
10:30 AM
PLANT PARENTING & THE ART OF INDOOR GARDENING – Indoor plants are trendy, hip, collectible, and maybe the most simple way to bring life back to any room. Join Wallace’s greenhouse experts for a look at houseplants, hanging plants, floor plants and more. Learn how to select the best varieties, growing and re-potting techniques and the best pest solutions for all your indoor plants.
April 6
TURF TALK – A WALK ON THE WEEDY SIDE – Having a beautiful lawn shouldn’t be that hard. If you’re tired of paying a lawn service for mediocre results, or you think you could use a few tips, let us show you how to have a healthy, weed free lawn you can be proud of. Our turf expert will cover seeding, fertilizing, watering, and diseases with a strong focus on lawn weeds.
April 13 Wallace’s Spring Open House
10:30AM Container Gardening & New Annuals for 2019 –. Are your containers the same every year? Stuck in a flower rut? Need a little inspiration? Join Wallace’s plant experts and container designers for a visual feast of mixed containers, hot trends and the newest plants to create the perfect container garden. We’ll share design tips, new plants, tested favorites and professional shortcuts for creating containers to brighten your landscape and your day!