Wallace's Peppers

FlavorburstSweet Bell
Crisp, Juicy golden peppers are 5" long. Taste-test winner.
RouletteSweet, Non-Bell Habanero
Flavor of habanero without the heat. Fast to mature. Start green and turn to red.
Chocolate BeautySweet Bell
Turns from green to deep brown. Very sweet, delicious flavor when ripen to brown. Beautiful in salads.
Confetti (Mini)Mini Sweet BellPetite 2 oz peppers, many colors, variegated foliage, attractive plants
Orange BlazeSweet Bell
AAS Winner for great flavor. Early maturing with 4" long fruit. Very Flavorful
Sweet HeatBell
Sweet and Hot, 65% higher Vitamin C, 10" plants with 3.5" Fruit, Hotter when green, more mild when red.
Better BelleSweet Bell
Vigorous grower, heat tolerant, great in containers, 5" fruit ready to harvest earlier
California WonderHeirloom Bell
The standard since 1928, 4" Thick-walled flavor full fruit
Golden California WonderHeirloom Bell
5"4 x4" Fruits are sweet and mild, set fruit continuously on 24" plants
Habanero RedHot Pepper
Very hot but not as hot as a 'Ghost' chili pepper. Great flavor for sauces and salsas.
Sweet BananaHeirloom
Large pointed fruits , 6-7" Long, Mild yellow peppers ripen to bright red, great for pickling
Early SummerExtra Large Bell
Starts green and turns to yellow, High Yield. Firm, Glossy Fruit. Thick Walls.
JalapenoHot Chili Pepper
World's most popular chili pepper, 3" thick-walled pods, deep green fruit matures to bright red
Jalpeno GiganteHot Chili Pepper
Huge mildly hot fruit, perfect for stuffing or jalapeno poppers, 3-5" Fruit, use green or red
PoblanoHot (Ancho, when dried)
4" Heart shaped fruits are much hotter when fully ripe red then early green, most popular pepper in Mexico. 2.5' Plants
SerranoHot, Chili
High Yielding. Thin-walled, long green fruits are mild picked green and hot when matured to red coloring.
Sweet BananaMild Banana Pepper
Named for its shape. Fruits mature from yellow to orange to red. Very Prolific 25-30 per plant. Good for containers.
TobascoHot Pepper
Small light yellow/green turn to red. Fiery flavor. Use fresh or dry for powder. Use in Moderation, very hot.
Ancho PoblanoHot Pepper
Called Poblano when used green and called Ancho when used red. Mildly hot peppers from large plants.
Hungarian Hot WaxHot Pepper
Hot tapered fruit matures from yellow to orange to red. Use for pickling, drying or in salsa.
MariachiMild Chili Pepper
Abundant crop, high quality mild chilis. Ripens white to rose to deep red. Use in salsas, sauces or roasted.
Candy Cane RedSweet Snack Pepper
Variegated foliage on plant. Fruits ripen from green striped to sold red. Sweet flavor and thin walls.
Mardi GrasSweet Snack Pepper
Snack Size peppers in 4 eye-catching colors. Only one color pepper per plant. Very flavorful. New for 2020.
Giant MarconiSweet Pepper
Big Fleshy pepper with a sweet smoky flavor. Fruits ripen from green to red.
Snackabelle RedSweet Pepper
Thin-walled, blunt-end peppers with rich, sweet flavor. Good for grilling, stuffing or fresh eating.
Pinot NoirSweet Bell
5" Long, large blocky fruits change from cream to red to purple. Refreshing taste.
CubanelleSweet Pepper
Starts yellow/green and turns to red. Rich Flavor. Tapered fruits have varying shapes on every plant.
CayenneHotFamously hot & pungent, used most often dried as flakes, 4-6" Long fruits, slightly hotter than jalapenos. Very High Yield