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Top 3 Tips for Winterizing Your Landscape

We're getting towards the end of fall here in Bettendorf, and if you haven't started winterizing your landscape yet, it's time to get cracking. Winter in Iowa is, unfortunately, just around the corner. Getting your yard ready for winter is about setting your perennials, shrubs, and trees up for success next spring. And it's a great time learn how to attract birds to your yard this winter It also means you'll have a little less cleanup to do when everything starts to melt next year. We've got three tips for how to winterize your landscape in Bettendorf. You can apply these to almost all your perennials, shrubs, and trees. 1. Give plants a long, deep drink of water. Give all of your permanent plants a deep soak before everything freezes solid. Set your garden hose to a slow trickle, and let it sit under each shrub or tree for 20-30 minutes. Do this in 2-3 different spots around each plant. A deep watering will help them store as much water as possible around the roots, which will help them stay hydrated through the winter. 2. Surround plants with a warm blanket of mulch. Spreading a thick layer of mulch, 3-4 inches deep, over the root area of each shrub or tree helps to insulate your plants from early spring freeze and thaw cycles. Freeze and thaw cycles can cause the most damage if the roots of shrubs are not protected. Just be careful not to pile your mulch up against the trunks, which can invite pests. Mulch piled up around a tree trunk can also cause rot and make your tree vulnerable to disease. 3. Apply a protective coat, like Wilt Stop, to keep plants from drying out. Wilt Stop forms a transparent film over the surfaces of needles, leaves, and branches. It's an anti-transpirant that gives your plants a little extra defense against winter conditions. Cold winds, salt damage, and bright sun can all contribute to plants drying out and dying off over the winter. Wilt Stop products will help them retain as much moisture as possible, so they're healthy and strong in spring. The days are growing shorter and chillier, and they'll only get colder from here! We know you'd rather be thinking about yummy pumpkin recipes for Thanksgiving, but the sooner you finish your winter prep, the easier it will be. So, get out there and winterize your garden this weekend so your yard can bounce back better than ever in the spring. If you need any tools, tips, or ideas, come and chat with the staff at our garden center. We can set you up with a wilt stop, and plenty of ideas for how to get your fall chores done as fast as possible.
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