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Spruce Up your Work/Study Space with Houseplants

These houseplants will enhance concentration, spark creativity, and provide fresh air—just what you need when you're working/studying!

When you're in work/study mode (or supposed to be in work/study mode), you probably look for a number of tricks to help you get the job done or earn better grades. Maybe that's wearing your lucky pair of socks, pounding back coffee after coffee, or turning to plants to help you focus.

How Houseplants Help You Work/Study

Studies have shown that houseplants in your workspace help increase concentration, boost memory, and spark creativity. Plus, many plants clean the air by filtering out toxic volatile compounds. These compounds can be found in paints, carpets, drapes, and cleaning products, among other household items. While we're better off without these toxins, they actually provide a type of fuel for plants. And after absorbing these compounds, the plants release oxygen, providing us with fresh air.

Plants in your work/study area will also remind you to take a break or two. Rearrange them when you're feeling stuck creatively, take note each day of how they're growing, and even create a #shelfie for some inevitable procrastination posts on Instagram!

Houseplants for Your Home Office/Study Room

If you're working from home or a student, or if you have someone in your life that is, these plants make great study buddies! These are all low-maintenance options, so you can spend more time working/studying and less time worrying about keeping the plants alive. Ivy can be grown in hanging baskets or in pots with the vines growing down your bookshelf, and it does well in low-light conditions. There are a number of ivy varieties, like Algerian Ivy and English Ivy, in different shades of green, and some with white variegations. Let the soil dry out a bit between waterings and keep the plant out of reach of any pets.

Peace Lily is one of the few tropicals that bloom indoors! The white blossoms that resemble calla lilies bring some of that summer fun to your work/study space. The Peace Lily also helps to remove toxins from the air. Let the soil dry moderately between waterings, and place in a spot with indirect light. Peperomias have thick fleshy leaves, making them drought-tolerant and able to survive if you forget to water them for a bit. There are more than 1,000 varieties in the world available in many colors and textures, so it's easy to find one to complete the look of any office/study room. Place your peperomia in a spot that gets bright indirect light.

Pilea peperomioides, sometimes called UFO Plant or Chinese Money Plant, has green disc-shaped leaves on slender stems. It prefers bright, indirect sunlight, and you'll know it needs watering when the soil is dry to the touch on top. Another nickname for this plant is the Friendship Plant since new plant pups regularly come up at the bases that can be plucked off and given away. Or, you can let them grow for a bigger, bushier-looking plant!

Succulents are beloved for their low-maintenance care. All they need is a very sunny spot and a little water when the soil is dry. These desert plants come in many shapes and colors, and you can put one variety on its own in a pot or create arrangements with multiple types. This plant family is easy to care for and exceptionally versatile, which is why they've become so trendy in the last few years.

Just in time for the school year, by August 21, we'll have one-gallon succulent pots available for you to add to your study space! Whether you are working from home or virtually learning, you will benefit from having a study room full of houseplants—maybe it will inspire you to learn a new skill or two! Stop by Wallace’s to pick up some houseplants or to take a much-deserved break.

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