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3 DIY Decorations Using Fresh Evergreens

Whether spruce, fir, or pine, these evergreen decor DIYs are divine!

Creating your own holiday decor is a fun way to express your unique taste in your space. Whether you tackle a DIY project alone or get your whole family involved, it makes for some fun memories to look back on at future Christmas gatherings. Whether you favor spruce, pine, or fir, evergreens represent everything we love about the holidays. Incorporating evergreen into your home this holiday season is a delight for all your senses.

Remember when you are choosing your fresh evergreen, select vibrant and healthy sprigs for your decorative needs. Here are 3 easy decorating ideas using evergreen that you can DIY!

DIY evergreen wreathClassic Christmas Wreath

A fresh evergreen wreath is an incredibly versatile decoration. You can place them on any door, window, or blank spot in your home. When it comes to making a DIY wreath, you can customize it completely to fit your style and preferences. Get creative; there’s no wrong way to wreath! Tip: When crafting with evergreens, there’s a few things you can do so they don't dry out or become discolored. Keep them cool and in water until you are ready to use them, and then preserve them by spraying them with an anti-desiccant spray. Here's what you need:

  • Fresh evergreens
  • Plants (real or artificial) with pops of color: holly berries, juniper, rosehips, thistles, poinsettias
  • Other items to customize your wreath: pinecones, acorns, eucalyptus, twigs, ornaments, glitter, or bows
  • Wire wreath-form
  • Florist Wire
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Here's what you do:
  • Cut up the wire into 3 or 4-inch pieces.
  • Create bundles of evergreens. (Cut boughs into smaller segments so they are thick and full.)
  • Secure each bundle with one piece of cut wire.
  • Attach each bundle, top, and bottom, to the wreath form.
  • Make sure there is plenty of greenery covering the entire form.
  • Create one long garland by taking a longer piece of wire and wrapping it along the length of several bundles, until it is long enough to fill the space you need. (This will go along the inside of the wreath to fill in the inner circle.)
  • Secure your garland to the inside of the wire form with your short wire pieces.
  • Hot glue your bits and bobs to make sure they are secure.
  • Optional: Use an additional piece of wire to create a hook to hang the wreath if you need it.
  • Finally, hang it anywhere you like! Why not make another one?

evergreen centerpiece candleElegant Pine Candle Holder

A little bit of pine can add some fresh glamour to everyday objects in your home. This beautiful evergreen candle holder is really easy to create, and you may already have all the supplies you need in your home. Here’s what you need:

  • Glass candle holder (tall/hurricane-shaped works best for this)
  • Evergreen pieces (the flatter, the better—like western red cedar)
  • Pillar candles
  • Spray-on adhesive
  • Scissors or garden shears
  • Pillar candles
Here's what you do:
  • Clean the glass with window cleaner and let dry completely.
  • Lay the greenery flat and spray thoroughly with the spray adhesive.
  • Wait a minute to let the adhesive get sticky.
  • Place the greenery along the bottom of the candle holder and let the ends of the sprigs hang off the end of the holder. (Trust the process!)
  • Press down on the evergreen cuttings to make sure they stay put.
  • Once it’s dried a bit, use your scissors or shears to cut off the ends that are hanging off.
  • You should be left with a beautiful piece of decor that you can use at your dinner table, on your desk, or as a beautiful accent piece near a bouquet of winter florals.

holiday gnome made of evergreens outside

Adorable Evergreen Gnome

These delightful little guys are the perfect greeters at your front door or on your porch. You can customize your evergreen gnomes with different colors and patterns on their mittens and hats. You could even use what’s already in your personal stash of winter gear! Here’s what you need:
  • A Tomato cage
  • Bundles of Evergreen greenery
  • Scissors or shears
  • Zip Ties
  • 1 Clear or flesh-toned ornament for the gnome’s nose
  • Mittens
  • Hat
Here's what you do:
  • Take your tomato cage and pull the ends together to form a cone shape.
  • Tie the ends together to keep it in place with zip ties.
  • Take small bundles of evergreen branches and tie it to the middle of the tomato cage. Add about 3 bundles to each section of the cage. (This depends on the size of the cage. For a 36-inch tall tomato cage, you’ll use about 9 bundles.)
  • Then, add another layer of greenery. Zip tie it to the top of the tomato cage.
  • If it needs more stability or is lacking some “fir”, add more greenery or zip ties as needed.
  • Next, put his hat on: it’s cold out! (It can be a bit floppy on top. It adds to the gnome vibe!)
  • Add the clear or flesh-toned ornament so it peeks out underneath the hat and looks like a bulbous little nose.
  • Grab the mittens you picked out for your pal and secure it with more zip ties. Congratulations, you’ve made a silly little friend that will delight you and your neighbors!
Don’t let your decorating ideas end here! If you’re ready to get crafty, stop by our garden center in Bettendorf for all your Christmas, crafting, and decor needs.
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