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The Best Tabletop Decorations for Easter

Hop into spring this year with the cutest Easter decorations featuring fresh, festive colors!

The best part about Easter is obviously the Easter bunny and all the free chocolate. The second? Easter flowers! To celebrate the long-awaited return of flower season, here are a few of our favorite Easter decoration ideas for table tops, mantles, or just about anywhere else that you can fit another bunny, basket of eggs, or vase full of flowers!

Easter Decorations for Your Iowa Home

Of all the places in your home, the table might be the most logical place to splurge on Easter decorations, especially if you're in charge of hosting Easter dinner this year. Not only is it the perfect place to display large vases or pitchers of those gorgeous spring-colored blooms, but you can also coordinate your tableware to really get in the mood!

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For the best Easter table flower displays, don't be afraid to play with color. For truly eye-catching decorations, nothing compares to arrangements bursting with pops of yellows, blues, pinks, and purples, finished off with accents of greens and whites. Some of our favorite Easter flowers to include in our tabletop decorations include:




-Easter lilies


-Daisy mums

With so many stunning blooms to choose from, feel free to go wild this year with flower arrangements of different sizes on table tops, mantles, and flanking the entryways to your home.

Water jugs and pitchers make great vases to hold cut floral arrangements, as do baskets, mason jars, old tea kettles and teapots, and decorative bowls. For an extra fun and festive decoration, fill a small vase with fresh-cut tulips, place it inside a larger glass vase, and fill the space between the two with your favorite Easter candy!

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If you've got a lot of space to decorate this Easter, or you just want a bit of a change from traditional cut flower decorations, there are tons of gorgeous seasonal plants that are perfect for filling in those gaps and adding a pop of color and texture with lush displays of spring. Some of our favorites include:


-Calla Lilies

-Rieger Begonias



For some extra bold splashes of fresh color around the house, try adding ferns or other houseplants spilling over with new growth to your Easter displays, or add a DIY flower box brimming with your favorite spring bulbs to your entryway for some more Easter fun.

Easter Colors

One of the biggest reasons why decorating at this time of year is so much fun is the spectacular palette of Easter colors to choose from! After all, we can all relate to the sense of childlike joy we feel when we see Easter decorations, and it's all thanks to these bright and vibrant hues:

  • Yellow and Gold: Yellow flowers represent friendship and the sunshine returning after a long winter, while gold symbolizes triumph and victory over death.

  • Violet: Seen as a spiritual color, purple or violet is the color of Lent and carries rich religious significance during Easter.

  • Pink: Pink is a color of warmth, joy, beauty, and love, and is the color of many of our favorite Easter flowers!

  • Green: A fitting color for Easter and spring, green symbolizes eternal life and renewal.

  • White: Often used as a symbol of purity, peace, and light, no Easter display is complete without a few white accents.

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Fun Decorating Style Ideas for a Bettendorf Easter

Once you've got all your flowers and plants sorted, all that's left to do is tie it all together with a bit of flair. Here are some of our favorite ways to finish off our Easter decorations:

  • Ribbons: Add pretty pastel ribbons to your flower vases and baskets for a touch of childlike whimsy.

  • Eggs: Eggs represent new life and rebirth, making them an incredibly powerful Easter symbol. Add painted, fabric, wooden, or plastic eggs to baskets, in plants, or even scattered over the tabletops to add a bit of extra meaning to your displays!

  • Bunnies: Bunnies are a long-standing symbol of fertility and life renewal, and so a few bunny figurines hopping along your mantle, up your front steps, or around your floral centerpiece is sure to bring some extra cheer and excitement to your Easter festivities.

  • Carrots: Add some real or fabric carrots to your easter displays as a perfect addition alongside your bunny décor. Feel free to get creative with this one by making a garland of fabric carrots or creating a display with some live ones from your garden for the Easter bunny to nibble on!

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We hope you have fun with your Easter decorations in Bettendorf, Iowa, this spring! If you're in need of a bit of extra inspiration, or you just need to stock up on supplies, stop by and chat with us at Wallace's Garden Center.

Don’t forget to stop by on Saturday, April 8th to meet the Easter Bunny:

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We're always happy to talk plant décor and love watching our customers' gorgeous Easter flower displays come to life!

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