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Interior Design Tips to Make Sure Your Christmas Tree Is Center Stage

Create a gorgeous Christmas tree display this year that will take the center stage!

There's nothing like Christmas decorating season: it comes once a year, but it brings us so much joy. Keep your Christmas tree the star of the show with these interior design tips to help create a cohesive space that draws all eyes to the tree—achieving gorgeous holiday decor has never been so easy!

Start with the Right Tree!

If your old artificial tree has seen better days after years of going in and out of storage, consider purchasing a new one. Pre-lit trees are better than ever with easy LED lights that don’t burn out, dimmers that let you choose the brightness and life-like branches that create the perfect backdrop for your ornaments. Pre-lit trees save time on lighting and let you get right to trimming the tree. They also let you have your tree up from Turkey Day until the new year without worry of drying out and dropping needles. If you can’t picture a holiday without that signature Frasier fragrance, make plans for a fresh tree this year! Not only are they more fragrant, but when you decorate with a live Christmas tree, you take your decor game up a notch and bring back traditions and memories for everyone who visits. Make sure you re-cut the tree trunk when you bring it indoors for the first time. The stand should hold about 4 liters of water, and ensure the trunk's bottom is kept in water at all times to keep your tree fresh. For extra longevity, spray your tree with Prolong Tree Preservative to keep water from evaporating from the leaves.

Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-Interior Design Tips to make sure Your Christmas Tree is Center Stage-artificial christmas treesProper Light Installation is Key

Illuminate your tree by selecting high-quality string lights. Regardless of the many colors, features, and sizes of Christmas tree lights available, how you hang them on your tree is important. We recommend wrapping your lights horizontally, ensuring that you keep the lights from moving too far into your tree. Keep the string of lights plugged in while you work so that you can catch and fill any dead spots early. Evenly spaced, radiant light is the perfect start to any decoration theme!

Decorate Your Tree Like a Professional

Every interior designer knows the importance of layers and texture in decor—style in layers to create an irresistible Christmas tree, adding garland and draping it as you go. Display your favorite ornaments by selecting prime spots on the tree and hanging them before others. Start with your large ornaments first to ensure they're evenly spaced- then progress to your smaller ornaments to fill the gapsTo add dimension and interest to your tree, use a variety of sizes for your ornaments: small, medium, large, and extra large! Start with your large ornaments first to ensure they're evenly spaced, then progress to your smaller ornaments to fill the gaps. You can also get creative with air plants as Christmas ornaments or placing poinsettia blossoms in the tree branches.

Rearrange Your Room Around Your Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree is the main attraction in your living room from November to January, so give your star space to shine by rearranging your furniture to showcase your tree. If you have your tree in the living room window, consider placing your couches on either side facing each other so that the tree is the apex between them. In general, if you create an open space that funnels toward the tree, the eye will follow, and your tree will get all the admiration it deserves.

Place Gifts Under The Tree

Place gifts under the tree early to make your tree look complete from the start. If you have little ones who might try to access their presents early, wrap some old cardboard boxes in gift wrap as placeholders instead. Alternatively, you could place old-timey Christmas toys or other holiday decor pieces under the tree for that Christmas-morning aesthetic leading up to the holidays. For a big hit with the kids and adults alike, run a toy train around the base.

Focus on Your Accent Pieces

A show-stopping holiday display isn't just about your tree: it's about the details throughout your home that create cohesion! Use repeating colors, textures, and themes throughout your home to echo the design choice of your tree; this will carry your eye through the home and make a lasting impression. Starting with using fresh evergreens around your home is a great place to start.

Select a Winning Tree Skirt

With the help of a beautiful tree skirt that complements your Christmas tree decorations, your tree will be ready for the season. You can get creative with your Christmas tree skirt using:
  • a fluffy, sparkly tree skirt
  • jewel toned fabric
  • burlap fabric for a rustic aesthetic
  • a metal collar for a Nordic vibe
  • a chunky-knit blanket for a super cozy feel
  • a home-made knit skirt
You can't go wrong when choosing a suitable tree skirt! Are you ready to start ringing in the holiday season with your Christmas decor? For Christmas tree interior design tips near you, visit Wallace's Garden Center in Bettendorf, Iowa!
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