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5 Houseplants To Give As Gifts This Holiday Season

For your friends and family members that have everything, why not give the gift of a plant?

With Christmas around the corner and social calendars filling up, it's also time to tackle your gift list. For those friends and family members who have everything, why not pick them up the perfect plant? Houseplants make fulfilling gifts for all the budding indoor gardeners and devoted plant parents in your life. With their wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities, there's truly a houseplant out there for everyone. So, which plants make the best gifts? Considering different lifestyles and skill levels, here's our 2022 holiday plant gift guide:

Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-5 Houseplants To Give As Gifts This Holiday Season-moth orchidsThe Moth Orchid: For the Pet and Flower-Lover

The moth orchid is the perfect gift for friends and family members who adore their pets and their flowers. While orchids have a reputation for being finicky, moth orchids are actually quite beginner-friendly because they'll rebloom under the same conditions most people have in their homes already. Best of all, the leaves and flowers of moth orchids are non-toxic, making them safe for pets. Your pet-lover may need to worry about any fertilizer or pesticides left lingering on their orchid's foliage, however, so as a precaution it's still probably best to keep them away from pets that like to nibble on leaves.

Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-5 Houseplants To Give As Gifts This Holiday Season-boston fernThe Boston Fern: For the Pet Parent that Loves Greenery

The Boston fern is a great gift idea for the pet lover that's also building an indoor jungle. The bushy fronds of this houseplant bring a ton of greenery and personality into a space. Although pets might be tempted to nibble or swat at the shaggy foliage, this plant is also non-toxic to cats or dogs, meaning the only thing your recipient will have to worry about is the plant. It's worth noting that the Boston fern does require a bit of a green thumb for plant care. It prefers bright, indirect light and is also quite particular about humidity levels, so perhaps consider pairing your Boston fern gift with a humidifier.

Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-5 Houseplants To Give As Gifts This Holiday Season-bird of paradise plantThe Bird of Paradise: For the Busy Parent Who Loves Nature

As a very low-maintenance houseplant (save for needing the occasional dusting), the stunning bird of paradise is the perfect fit for any busy, nature-loving parents on your Christmas list. It's a large plant that's usually paired with a heavy pot, making it very difficult for a young child to knock over. Plus, the bird of paradise looks its best when elevated on a plant stand, making it easy to keep out of reach. Its leaves and stems are also quite durable, meaning they'll resist any damage from toddlers who like to tug or pull at plants. Best of all, the bird of paradise is non-toxic to humans, so it's safe to keep around children, though ingesting some of the plant can cause an upset stomach. The bird of paradise is unfortunately toxic to pets, however, and is therefore not a good fit for homes with cats or dogs.

Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-5 Houseplants To Give As Gifts This Holiday Season-monstera deliciosaThe Monstera Deliciosa: For the Friend Obsessed With Home Decor

The iconic Monstera deliciosa is a great gift for that friend who loves to jazz up their home decor. A stunning statement plant that looks great on the floor, a mature monstera plant will dramatically fill up corners in the home as it can grow up to eight feet tall indoors. This houseplant is also relatively easy to care for as it's drought-resistant and only needs regular misting to keep humidity levels comfortable and bright, indirect light to stay happy. For those in tune with the principles of Feng Shui, Monstera deliciosa is said to bring good luck and positive energy to a space. It's also known to encourage expansion, growth, and the accumulation of wealth.

Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-5 Houseplants To Give As Gifts This Holiday Season-zebra plantThe Zebra Plant: For Your Aunt with the Green Thumb

The zebra plant, also known as Aphelandra is an excellent gift for anyone on your list with a green thumb who's up for a challenge. This houseplant is prized for its show-stopping zebra-printed stems; however, it's also notoriously difficult to keep happy. The zebra plant hails from tropical Southeast Asia, and so prefers high humidity and adequate ventilation. It also prefers bright, indirect light with gentle morning rays, meaning it will grow its best near east-facing windows. If temperatures consistently drop below 59 degrees Fahrenheit, the zebra plant will likely go dormant before bouncing back when spring comes around. Still looking for that perfect present? Besides a vast selection of houseplants, we also carry a stunning range of home decor items that also make for incredible holiday gift ideas. Visit us at Wallace's Garden Center in Bettendorf for more great gifts for the plant-lovers on your list!
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