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How to Spring Clean Your Indoor Plants

Make sure to add these plant care tasks to your spring to-do list!

It’s time to start spring cleaning! While you’re busy clearing out old junk and crossing off everything on your to-do list, be sure to make time for necessary houseplant maintenance! Unsure of how to clean your indoor plants? Here are some ways to incorporate your plants into your spring cleaning routine.

Do a Thorough Examination of All Your Plants

Spring is when your plants come out of dormancy and begin their big yearly growth spurt. By inspecting your plants for any problems at the start of the season, you’ll set them up for a more successful year! Keep an eye out for any of the following issues:
  • Pest infestations
  • Rootbound plants
  • Salt buildup, which occurs as tiny white crystals at the bottom of your plant pot, or across the leaves of some succulent plants like Crassula
  • Fungus or mold
  • Signs of disease
Prune off any dead or diseased plant parts with sterilized shears. Be sure to wipe the blades with a cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol to reduce the risk of spreading disease even further. Wallace's Garden Center-Houseplant Spring Cleaning-wiping houseplant leaves

How Do You Clean Indoor Plants?

Plant leaves can get quite dusty over time, and if you don’t clean off that dust buildup, they won’t be able to soak up sunlight properly or absorb CO2 and release oxygen properly. Obviously, learning how to clean your indoor plants is different from cleaning other furnishings in your home—they’re living creatures, so you don’t want to douse them with disinfectant! Instead, all you need to do is wet a clean sponge or towel with water and give each leaf a gentle wipe down; this will remove any dust or salt buildup on the leaves, and it will help moisten the leaves too, which is great if the air in your home is a bit dry. For your fuzzy plants, gently blow out any dirt and dust with compressed air.

Take Inventory of All Your Indoor Plants

Any houseplant aficionado knows that garden center impulse buys are unavoidable. Pair that with an interest in propagation and collecting plants that quickly reproduce—such as the Spider Plant—and it’s easy to lose track of how many plants you have! A cluttered plant shelf might have a few little guys hiding between the ferns, so it’s worth taking an inventory of all your plants so nobody gets left behind.

Wallace's Garden Center-Houseplant Spring Cleaning-dirty terra cotta pots

Clean and Organize Your Plant Care Supplies

Dealing with clutter and chaos is an integral part of spring cleaning! If you’ve got any old plant pots or tools sitting in a heap in the basement or garage, take an afternoon to tackle that pile. Put on a fun playlist, grab some bleach and rubber gloves, and sterilize everything! Remember, plants are living creatures just like us, and they’re susceptible to disease or infection. Pruning a plant with unsterilized tools or potting a plant in a dirty container can seriously harm your plants.

Repot Any Plants That Need It

Spring is the perfect time to repot houseplants because repotting can stimulate new growth. If any of your plants appear to be rootbound or outgrowing their container, move them into a pot approximately two inches larger than its current pot. Gently loosen up the root ball with your fingers if it’s stuck in a cylindrical shape to encourage the roots to continue spreading outward. Mix in some fresh soil, give it some water, and soon your plant will show signs of new, healthy growth! Wallace's Garden Center-Houseplant Spring Cleaning-watering weeping fig plant Now that you know how to spring clean your indoor plants, visit Wallace’s if you need any tools or supplies! We have everything you need to help you spring clean your indoor plants in Iowa. And while you’re at it, it never hurts to add a few new beauties to your collection! Come on down to see what’s new for 2022.
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