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Pretty Planters for August Heat

Try these tips to give your garden the green light to keep growing during the summer heat.

The summer heat and harsh rays of the sun can take a toll on your beautiful plants. Protecting your potted plants and container gardens from the heat can be tricky, but doing so can lead to a more enjoyable and beautiful summer garden. Use this guide to help you enhance your blooms throughout the summer.

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Get your watering schedule in gear to protect your potted plants from heat and sun damage. Watering your planters in the middle of the day can wreak havoc on your plants. Try watering in the early morning or evening. Test the soil with your finger: if it’s wet 1-2 inches below the top layer of soil, then you can wait. If it’s dry, it’s time to thoroughly water your plants. You need to be especially careful when watering during the hot season; make sure you avoid getting water on the leaves or flowers of the plant, which can cause them to burn.


Over time, your wonderful watering efforts will deplete the nutrients in the soil in your pots, planters, and containers. Fertilizing replenishes these essential elements in your soil and gives your plants a new lease on life. Try using a water-soluble fertilizer like Jack’s All Purpose or Jack’s Blossom Booster, but always remember to read the instructions carefully. Over-fertilizing plants can cause damage, and be sure to apply it only to the soil to avoid leaf and root damage.

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Cut Back…

Getting your potted plants back in blooming business requires more than just protecting from heat: deadheading and pruning can be your best gardening friend. Certain plants need to be deadheaded once they have finished blooming. Some soft varieties can be deadheaded by simply plucking off the dead bloom with your hands. For a few other varieties, you’ll need to get out the pruning shears. It’s a good idea also to prune off leggy tendrils on your plant. This extra leggy growth saps the plant of nutrients and can take away precious energy that would otherwise go toward pushing out more beautiful blooms.

...or Cut Your Losses

Sometimes, the heat takes a toll, or your plants just don’t have any life left in them. Gardening is all about trial and error, so don’t feel defeated if you have to make an extra trip to the garden center . It’s almost time to stock up on some new plants for the upcoming fall season, anyway. It’s always a great idea to make note of what did and did not work for you during the growing season, so you can have an even better garden next year.

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Be Mindful & Attentive

One of the best ways to stay on top of protecting your potted plants from the heat is to pay attention to your planters. Mid-summer is a time for relaxation, but don’t leave your plants to suffer! Look for signs of heat damage and thirst. If you see wilting, take action! You should also be mindful as you take care of your pots and planters. Water, fertilize, and prune carefully. Your plants will thank you!

Try Long-Blooming Annuals

Get the most out of your garden by planting long-blooming annuals that will reward you with their beauty again and again late into the summer. Look for long-blooming potted plants that don’t need protection from the heat. Begonias, petunias, geraniums, and zinnias are some great options that come in a wide range of colors to keep your planters vibrant.

Try these tips to give your garden the green light to keep growing. If you are looking for more tips for protecting your potted plants from the heat in Bettendorf, come visit us! We’re always happy to help you find the right plants and answer all of your gardening questions.

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