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Beat the Winter Blues: How to Help Your Mental Health with Indoor Plants

Caring for plants gives a sense of purpose, and reunites us with the cycles of life and nature.

You may call it the winter blues, but science calls it Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it affects the mental health of millions of people every year. The good news is that you can beat those cold weather blahs with a little one-on-one time with your indoor plants and improve your state of mind and mental health this winter.

What Causes Winter Blues?

Many cases of low mood and poor mental health during the winter months are caused by a lack of sunlight, which leads to a significant drop in our daily vitamin D intake. This can cause poor sleep quality, poor eating habits, and a general feeling of not having enough energy. Besides continuing with a healthy lifestyle over the colder months with good food and exercise, you can improve your mental health with plants!

Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-Help Your Mental Health with Houseplants-wiping houseplant leafHow Do Plants Improve Mental Health?

If you're into gardening or houseplant care already, you know how much you love your plants, but in case you need convincing, here is what plants can do to improve your mental health and well-being:
  • -Improve air quality
  • -Lower blood pressure
  • -Improve concentration
  • -Enhance creativity
  • -Reassert connectivity to nature
  • -Reduce stress levels
The reason plants seem to bolster mood and increase mental health so well in the winter months might be due in part to your lack of green space exposure outdoors. When the grass is not green, and the flowers are not in bloom, the world can look a bit gloomy. The sight of healthy plants in your home is an instant reminder of the beauty of nature and a promise of its return in the spring. It is also how we stay connected to nature when Mother Nature herself is having a slumber. Another aspect of this awesome depression-busting phenomenon comes from actually tending to your plants. Focusing on plant care and not the piles of snow and ice covering your outdoor world is a good way to de-stress, keep the positive vibes flowing, and improve mental health. You may not be aware of how disconnected you feel from the world, and that can lead to some emotional turmoil! Caring for plants gives a sense of purpose, and reunites us with the cycles of life and nature.

Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-Help Your Mental Health with Houseplants-houseplants in roomThe Best Plants for Indoor Care

If you're getting excited about jumping into some plant care this winter, here are some excellent houseplants that are best-known for mental health:
  • Snake Plants: This beauty is extremely popular and helps your space (and mental health) by releasing oxygen and purifying the air around you.
  • Lavender: One of the best plants to keep you calm with its soothing aroma, also known for aiding in sleep.
  • Ferns: Another super air-cleaning plant pal, helping you live and breathe better.
  • Pothos: This easy-care plant is also known to eliminate odor and clean the air.
  • Jasmine: When surrounded by jasmine, you will likely feel less anxious and more at peace.

Wallaces Garden Center-Iowa-Help Your Mental Health with Houseplants-enclosed terrariumsOther Ways to Use Plants

While there may not be a ton of things you can do with outdoor plants over the winter, keeping yourself immersed with your indoor greens will keep you in the mindset of growing, nurturing, and maintaining a state of good mental health. Many plants are dormant in the winter months, but you can still try your hand at making terrariums, kokedamas, herb gardens, and more to stay positive and reap the benefits of plants. Try incorporating some essential oils into the mix if you're missing the sweet smell of flowering plants like mint, citrus, lavender, and sage. If you're ready to combat those winter blues with houseplant care, come visit us at Wallace'sWallace's Garden Center for some amazing plant therapy. A stroll through the greenhouse might be just what the doctor ordered!
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