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Amazing Apples!

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

“You’re the apple of my eye.”

“As American as apple pie.”

Apples are one of those classic fruits that you can’t help but love, and we have endless centuries-old idioms to prove that, one way or another, apples hold special meaning to us. At Wallace’s Garden Center, we love apples, and we especially love growing apple tree varieties so that you can enjoy apples picked fresh from your backyard.

apple recipes We have a few new apple varieties in stock, and we can’t wait to share them with you! These apple trees are dwarf varieties, growing between 8 and 10 feet tall and about 8 feet wide. They also ripen at the same time, which is in mid-September—the perfect time to venture out with the family to pick them. Read on to learn about our new favorite apple varieties!

Royal Red Honeycrisp

There’s a new and improved Honeycrisp in town, and we are sure excited about it! The Royal Red Honeycrisp is a sport, or genetic mutation, of the original Honeycrisp and was discovered by chance in the Columbia basin orchard. The distinct difference between the Royal Red and its parent apple is its brilliant red color, making it visually appealing both on the tree and in-store. This delicious apple variety is juicy and sweet, perfect for snacking, and it’s able to be stored longer than the regular Honeycrisp!

crunch a bunch apple


Sweet, tart, and with just a hint of tropical flavor, the Crunch-a-Bunch variety brings a certain uniqueness to the apple world. Yellow in color and offering a satisfying crunch, this is an apple you should seriously consider growing yourself. After it’s harvested, this apple has a long storage life (up to 8 months), plus it’s also disease resistant. The Crunch-a-Bunch is a branch of the Honeycrisp family, and with their positive reputation, you know you can’t go wrong. Amazingly, this apple doesn’t turn that unsightly brown color after you cut it, making it a perfect addition to your kid’s lunch box! Aside from snacking, Crunch-a-Bunch is also a great baking apple or can be used to make cider.

Bakers Delight

Perhaps one of the most intriguing apple varieties, the Baker’s Delight variety has a varied flavor with a mixture of cinnamon, honey, and vanilla. It’s no secret why these apples are named Baker’s Delight as they will be put to good use in a home-baked apple pie! As if we weren’t already delighted enough, this fruit is also highly productive, disease-resistant, and doesn’t brown after it’s cut! With one bite, you’ll quickly discover why Bakers Delight is known as the dessert apple.

autumn crisp apple

Autumn Crisp

This apple variety is a cross between the Golden Delicious apple and the Monroe. It’s nice and crisp, giving you that satisfying crunch when you bite in, and it offers a beautiful red skin that’s chock-full of vitamin C. Its unique sweet yet tart flavor makes it a perfect apple to eat fresh or bake into something delicious. This is another apple variety that’s slow to brown after you cut it, so toss it on a salad for your next potluck and rest easy, knowing it will stay fresh and pristine.

Once you get a chance to try these apple varieties, you’ll have to let us know which one is your favorite! We’re always happy to hear from our customers, and after all, apple season is just around the corner. Stop into Wallace’s Garden Center in Bettendorf, Iowa, and learn about our apple varieties and other fruit-bearing trees. Happy picking!

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