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10 Must-Have Winter Fashion Accessories

Jazz up your black parka with the trendiest winter accessories for 2022!

Cold winter weather often confines us to wear the same puffy coat every day and warm outfits that prioritize warmth over all else. How do we manage to stay stylish throughout the coldest months? The key is modern statement accessories! With the right jewelry, scarves, and other winter accessories, you can feel confident and fashionable without having to sacrifice comfort or warmth.

Here Are Our Top Picks for 2022 Winter Accessories

Leather Crossbody Bags

The holidays are always a flurry of shopping and errand-running. When you’re holding onto ten shopping bags, your chances of losing track of your bag definitely increase! A leather crossbody bag will look super stylish slung over your jacket, and it will help you stay organized and worry-free while you hop from store to store.

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Pom Pom Hats

Cold weather accessories need to have a good combination of style and functionality—warmth is crucial! Cozy knit beanies with a fluffy pom-pom on top are a top pick for women’s winter hats. They bring a fun, feminine spin to a cold-weather-essential! Disclaimer: you are obligated to hold a warm mug of cocoa between both hands while watching carolers in the park at least once while wearing your pom-pom hat.

Plush Plaid Scarves

Cozy plaid accessories always bring the leading-lady-in-a-Hallmark-Christmas-movie vibes. Plaid truly is one of those classic textiles that never goes out of style, and it feels particularly on-trend around the holidays. They’re the perfect low-effort, high-impact accessories—throw on a plush plaid scarf over top of a plain black sweater or jacket, and you’re good to go.

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Chunky Headbands

The preppy Blair Waldorf look is totally coming back, and chunky headbands are the perfect accessories for nailing this look. Plus, they’re great for taming frizzy hair in cold, dry weather. Pair one up with some tweed outfits or accessories, and you’ll look fresh off the set of a Gossip Girl reboot.

Strings of Boho Beads

Minimalism is so 2019. This year, spark some joy and bring a little color and artistic flair to your outfit with long, dramatic strings of colorful beads in varying sizes and materials like wood, metallics, and gemstones. If you prefer to keep your outfits and accessories more monochromatic, try a chunky, layered necklace with a mix of neutral tones like black, white and gold.

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Stackable Bangles

Long-sleeved turtlenecks are one of the hottest fashion looks for 2022, and stackable bangles are the perfect accessories to go with them! Stack them up over your sleeves so your arms stay warm, but your sleek accessories remain on full display. If you’re dressing in warmer tones, wear gold bangles, but if you’re going for a frostier cool tone, opt for silver.


When it’s freezing outside and tempting to cancel plans for a cozy night on the couch, don a cape instead! It’s basically a fashionable blanket you can wear outside. They’re so effortlessly glamorous—and functional, too! Bring a cape with you to your next hockey game or outdoor event to keep warm and stay fab.

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Birthstone Bling

Statement gems are coming back in a big way, and birthstone accessories bring a fun personal touch that feels uniquely you. Look for rings, bangles, or earrings that feature a chunky gemstone in the color of your birthstone. Not sure what your birthstone is? Here’s a list:
  • January: Garnet (deep red)
  • February: Amethyst (light purple)
  • March: Aquamarine (light blue)
  • April: Diamond
  • May: Emerald (green)
  • June: Alexandrite (iridescent purple-green)
  • July: Ruby (red)
  • August: Peridot (lime green)
  • September: Sapphire (royal blue)
  • October: Opal (iridescent rainbow sparkle)
  • November: Topaz (amber)
  • December: Turquoise

Textured Leggings

With all the chunky sweaters and puffy jackets we wear in cold weather, leggings are essential. They balance out your shape, bringing style and edge to your go-to, cozy tops. An oversized sweater might look frumpy with loose-fitting jeans, but if you pair them with leggings, you instantly elevate the look. Opt for textured materials like tweed or a faux snakeskin print—they’re super flattering!

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Faux Fur Collars

Is your all-purpose winter coat feeling a bit uninspiring? These underrated accessories are perfect for jazzing up a plain peacoat and making it look ultra-luxe for a glam night out. Just add on a luxurious faux fur collar over your coat, and it’ll bring that extra touch of drama and style.

Wallace’s Garden Center has a spectacular selection of trendy winter accessories for sale in Iowa. Trust us—we’re so much more than just a plant shop! Visit us soon to see the latest picks from our 2022 fashion collection.

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