Wallace’s Garden Center is a family-focused and service-oriented business known for our quality, homegrown plants, expert staff, and inspiring displays and ideas.

Our History


Back in the 1950’s, Warren Wallace, a local farmer and ALCOA employee, opened a small truck farm in rural Bettendorf. It was a small greenhouse on then unpaved Devils Glen Road. Warren grew tomato and pepper plants and sold fresh vegetables and fruits from a small produce stand.

Doug Nelson and his Family purchased the property and business in 1981 with a slightly bigger vision for Wallace’s. Under the Nelson family, Wallace’s has grown into year-round garden center, gift shop and state-of-the-art greenhouse.

In the ’90s, Wallace’s grew to have as many as three store on both sides of the Mississippi River and currently has two stores on the Iowa side.

Growing great plants has always been and continues to be the core of Wallace’s business. Today, Wallace’s grow 30,000 geraniums, 14,000 hanging baskets, 10,000 mum, 15,000 poinsettias and countless other crops like flowering annuals, shrubs and house plants.

Though Wallace’s has undergone many renovations and remodels over the years, most recently in 2002, 2004, 2010, 2012, and 2014, The original garden center structure is till intact in the very center of the building and our staff will happily show you the original entrance ramp and small footprint of the building where it all started.

To this day, Wallace’s continues to be owned and operated by the Nelson family and a very talented staff of growers, merchandisers, designers and horticulturists.