Spring Garden Prep Checklist

garden shed tools and wheelbarrow Wallace's Garden Center

We sure weren’t expecting to have this much time at home this year, but here we are. To keep our mental health in check, we’ve been choosing to limit our news intake and focus on the positive, constructive things we can do around the house and yard. Fortunately, spring has arrived, and the chore list…

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What to Prune in Spring

gardening tools Wallace's Garden Center

As you do a bit of spring cleaning in your house, don’t forget to do the same to your yard! Pruning is one way to help tidy up your landscape while improving the health of your trees and shrubs. It’s often an overlooked job, and some people might be a bit nervous about doing it…

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Kid-Friendly Gardening Activities

mother and daughter planting indoors Wallace's Garden Center

With everything that’s happening in the world, it’s likely your children are stuck at home. But they don’t have to feel “stuck”—and neither do you. That’s where gardening comes in! It’s a great way to keep everyone entertained and away from the TV, smartphone, tablet, or whatever other screens they’ve latched onto lately. Gardening is…

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These St Patricks Day Party Ideas are Gold

st patricks day decorations Wallace's Garden Center

Seeing as our lives revolve around plants, it comes as no surprise that green is one of our favorite colors. That’s why we love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Turn up the traditional Irish tunes (try this Spotify playlist!), dress in green from head to toe, and incorporate some of these St. Patrick’s Day ideas for…

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Jumpstart Your Spring With These Easy to Grow Flowers

crocus flowers Wallace's Garden Center

Spring is exciting, but it can seem like it takes a long time for things to bloom while we’re waiting to shake off the winter blues. And with all the seed starting and spring cleanup that needs doing, you may not have time to get any early bloomers planted. That’s a big reason why we’re…

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