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Wallace’s 2018 Winter Lectures

February 10
10:30 AM
CRITTER CONTROL: DEER, RABBITS, MOLES & THE EAB – Deer, rabbits and moles are some of the most destructive (and expensive) pests in any home landscape. Stop in to see the latest techniques and garden products to rid your home of these furry foes. We will also be discussing resistant plants as well as giving an update on the Emerald Ash Borer.
February 17
10:30 AM
THE BUZZ ON BEES AND POLLINATOR SAFETY- Bees and plants have a pact: The insects help themselves to as much sweet nectar as they like. In return, they distribute pollen for their blooming providers. Along with flies, butterflies and beetles, bees thereby help secure much of our basic food supply. Join Ron Fischer, Wallace’s resident Bee-Man, for his expertise and insights after 50+ years of keeping bees
February 24
10:30 AM
FOREVER FLOWERS: PLANT IT ONCE, LOVE IT FOR YEARS- Flowers that come back year after year? Yes, Please. Learn how to plan and plant a perennial border or garden. Whether you have sun, shade or in between, designer Jean, will show you how to combine perennials, shrubs and evergreens for year around interest and beauty. Also, she will cover the best perennials for the Quad Cities.
March 3
10:30 AM
HOLY HYDRANGEAS, LOVELY LILACSThese bloom-filled shrubs are the centerpieces of bouquets and landscapes a like. Join our nursery experts for a look at the many different types of hydrangea and lilac as well as where to plant them, how to take care of them, which are best suited for Iowa.
March 10
10:30 AM
VINES, GROUNDCOVERS & GRASSES FOR ANY LANDSCAPE – Often times the solution to a troublesome spot in the garden is a plant the creeps, crawls, climbs or sways. Join Kate Terrell for a look at some the best and most colorful problem-solving plants for the ups and downs of your garden.
March 17
10:30 AM
FOOD GARDENING: THE NATURAL WAY – The perfect class for beginners or anyone who doesn’t think they have the time/space to grow their own food. Let us show you the best techniques and varieties to grow a natural, edible harvest right on your own porch or patio, raised bed or garden.
March 24
10:30 AM
SHRUBS FOR FOUR SEASONS OF COLOR – Yellow Forsythia in spring, White hydrangea in summer and the glowing red burning bush in fall. These colorful shrubs often anchor our home landscapes. Join Wallace’s nursery experts for a look at shrubs that add color and interest in multiple seasons and some all year long. Our nursery staff will share care tips and their favorite shrubs for getting the most color bang for your buck.
March 31 Easter Weekend
10:30 AM MAGICAL MINI GARDENING – Mini gardens & fairy gardens are still a great way for anyone to garden or get started in the plant world. Our experts will show you how to design and plant your own for indoors or out. We will share tips for putting it all together with a special emphasis on types of plants and where they grow best. Bring a friend or loved one to learn a fun project you can do together.
April 7
CREATING AN OUTDOOR ROOM – The outside is in and everyone wants to know how to maximize their outdoor space with function and style. Join landscape designer Jean Z. for a visual feast of before/after makeovers, hot trends and the newest plants & accessories to create the perfect outdoor room.
April 14 Wallace’s Spring Open House
  Gone to Pot: Container Gardening & New Annuals for 2018-. From expansive decks to apartment balconies to front porch pots- Everyone can garden in a container. Join Wallace’s plant experts and container designers for a visual feast of mixed containers, hot trends and the newest plants to create the perfect container garden.